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P2P net loan platform the obvious trend of uneven in quality problems, the platform, the new platform proportion is increasing.

net home loan data show that in May there were 56 platform, which launched 1 months around the platform up to 18, accounting for more than 30%, and the problem is run away, on-line less than a week off station platform 5. Insiders believe that this kind of foot on the new platform malicious obvious, perhaps at the beginning of the establishment of the purpose is to get a ride. read more

webmaster network (www.admin5.com) November 7th news, today’s fund industry, if you do not plan to enter the Internet seems to have been difficult to imagine. Embrace the Internet in this field be in full swing big change in the industry, the Internet giant and fund industry suddenly became Nanshenanfen, the first to eat crab Celestica fund company even eagerly gave a controlling stake in Alibaba, of course "betrothal" is enough to let the old Tian Hong fund investors.

October 31st, Taobao was approved by the Commission, becoming the first Internet fund sales institutions to provide services to carry out the business of third party e-commerce platform. The first batch of fund companies to join a total of 17, the types of funds involved in monetary funds, bond funds, equity funds, hybrid funds, etc.. At present, the fund company to provide users with an account, order, payment, management, one-stop service. Taobao.com said, according to the "securities investment fund sales institutions to carry out business management Interim Provisions" through the third party e-commerce platform, taobao.com officially received the Commission issued a letter of no objection, allowed to sell fund. Previously, a number of fund companies, Taobao shop matters is ready, just waiting for the approval by the Commission’s taobao.com. Taobao did not directly obtain fund sales license, but by the Commission to prepare for the fund sales business to provide ancillary services. For fund companies, to Taobao shop just opened its official website in the open system more than a Taobao port. read more

Firefox developer Mozilla has spared no effort to promote the development of HTML5 and Web App, and today they officially released a product: Popcorn Maker 1. It allows people to video clips on the web page, edit, insert pictures, voice links, etc., to make interactive video network.

Popcorn Maker website video editing page and ordinary video editing software almost, but the interface is more concise and easy to use. You can easily select, drag and drop to complete the editing of video content editing, including insert text, links, maps, Twitter information flow, Wikipedia entries, etc.. read more