for the horse, this winter is especially cold. The business IDC business housewarming only a month, because of the Internet to rectify and again moved back to the remote place.

business stagnation, struggling to cope with the record, which is more than a dozen sites behind the IDC company in Henan. IDC has been dependent on their business, in the throes of a part of the dead, and part of the transformation. The rest of the IDC market, only room and an agent in the play, they have to be a monopoly price, or more than half. read more

Google analysis (Analytics) can help webmasters to easily collect the details of the site visitors, and is free of charge. But many people do not want to let Google track their online activities. After all, even if you don’t use any Google product, you will send a personal message to Google. Google analysis team today wrote on its blog, users will soon be able to choose to cancel the tracking of Google analysis.

how to implement


Google will be how to cancel the user data tracking is not clear, but said it would provide a general browser plug-in". This statement is not clear, and there is no standard browser plug-ins. Also worth noting is that many users do not know how to install plug-ins. Those who care about Google data tracking users may know, but Google is best able to explain in detail the process of canceling data tracking. read more

red, the network reds, the word from the lotus to Fengjie, sister of tea, and then to today’s hot Papi sauce, has gradually become a well-known term. And its derivative under the net economy, its commercial value has been more and more attention and expectations, such as the recent Papi paste a video patch advertising to 22 million yuan auction success. This was once a derogatory term "red", now has become a trend, the problem is whether the trend is sustainable, in other words, the red net economy can go far? read more

Firefox developer Mozilla has spared no effort to promote the development of HTML5 and Web App, and today they officially released a product: Popcorn Maker 1. It allows people to video clips on the web page, edit, insert pictures, voice links, etc., to make interactive video network.

Popcorn Maker website video editing page and ordinary video editing software almost, but the interface is more concise and easy to use. You can easily select, drag and drop to complete the editing of video content editing, including insert text, links, maps, Twitter information flow, Wikipedia entries, etc.. read more

a message is: Tencent to $400 million to buy a public comment of 20% of the shares, and also has a public comment in front of IPO, then the right to increase the stake of up to 5%.

on the current stage of the competitiveness of the map business is not strong Tencent, the acquisition of public comment is extremely urgent.

first, the public comment and Baidu maps are O2O service search, Tencent in the reinforcement of this piece of

why do you say that the public comment and the map are doing the same thing, are O2O services search. read more

news October 11th, foreign social networking site Twitter recently has been seeking to sell, including Google, Salesforce and Disney, have become potential buyers, but with the development of the situation, foreign media reported that Google, Salesforce and Disney and other big sellers seem to have lost interest in the acquisition of Twitter Salesforce, which is mainly due to the opposition of shareholders the pressure, but objectively speaking, the current Twitter may also face selling failure situation. This situation can not help but sigh. read more