Responding to questions from the press, spokesman Fred Eckhard said the plan had changed from a one-meeting format, as previously announced.”Although the starting time is still 10:30, I indicated that they would continue for three or three and a half hours, [but] it now looks like they will go for less than that – perhaps two, two and a half hours,” he said. “There will then be a break and then there will be a second session.””The Secretary-General will lay out his position, the Iraqis will lay out theirs, there will be discussion, there will be a break for reflection – possibly for consultation with Baghdad – and then back for a second session,” said Mr. Eckhard.Asked to characterize Mr. Annan’s negotiating position, the spokesman said it would be difficult to predict “how this meeting is going to go.” The Secretary-General, he stressed, hoped the discussions would be focused on implementing Security Council mandates on Iraq.”The broad subject is implementation of [Security Council] resolutions; the precise subject on everyone’s mind is the return of the weapons inspectors,” said the spokesman. “He will do his part, and then he will await their reaction.” read more