Rabat – Less than three years after the inauguration of the first line of the Casablanca Tramway, plans are said to be underway for a second line and an extension to the first line (T1).Line 1 services initially linked Sidi Moumen in the east with Ain Diab and the Facultés district in the west. Works are now underway on a 2-kilometer extension of the first line.A 15-kilometers second line (T2) will run from Ain Diab to Ain Sebaa railway station, via the El Fida and Derb Sultan districts. Construction work will include diversion of underground water networks, electricity, sanitation, telecommunications and transplanting trees. The complete network is estimated to cost MAD16 billion, of which MAD3.7 billion accounted for the second phase. This will be funded by the Casablanca urban commune, the Grand-Casablanca region, in addition to funding from France.As of 2014, the Casablanca Tramway consists of one line, 31-kilometre long with 48 stations. Authorities in Casablanca are foreseeing a final network of four tramway lines, which will increase the overall length of the tram network to 80 kilometers by 2020. read more