first_imgStay on target Microsoft held one of its strongest Xbox briefings at this year’s E3. The company did a great job of proving it isn’t a one-trick pony by showcasing a variety of different titles. It’s clear the Redmond-based group wants to distance itself from the “shooter box” stigma. It is also evident the company is looking ahead. As I said before, the Xbox One is effectively a dead system. Hope lies in the future, and that’s exactly what Microsoft is preparing the Xbox brand for.One of the biggest problems plaguing the Xbox One is a lack of exclusives. Sony and Nintendo seem to drop a major exclusive title every month. Conversely, the Xbox One is lucky to get even three big exclusives out of the door. To make matters worse, the exclusives Xbox does get are either divisive or suffer from low sales. Games like Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2 brought in a lot of players, but they aren’t exactly universally praised. Then you have excellent exclusives like Sunset Overdrive which failed to make a dent sales-wise. The Xbox has an “exclusives” problem.Microsoft understands the current state of Xbox exclusives, hence why it has purchased a number of notable developers to bolster its exclusive lineup. These devs include Undead Studios, who is responsible for the State of Decay series. Playground Games, the studio behind Forza Horizon. Compulsion Games, who is releasing We Happy Few later this year. Finally, there’s Ninja Theory, which recently released Hellblade on Xbox One. Microsoft even created a new studio called The Initiative.Playground Games and Undead Studios being under the Microsoft umbrella makes sense given how they already produce exclusives for Xbox. Compulsion Games is an interesting acquisition since it has yet to fully prove itself. The biggest gain is Ninja Theory. One can argue the developer has never released a bad title during its existence. I’d even go so far as to say that, given enough time and resources, Ninja Theory can grow to rival Sony’s Naughty Dog studio. These studios have the potential to produce quality titles, but there’s one last thing needed to take things to the next level: a new console.Like I said in my last editorial about the current state of Xbox, the only way for the brand to truly move forward is to start over with a new system. The reveal of the Xbox One still haunts the console. Despite all of the strides made to course-correct, gamers still remember the $500 price tag, the DRM, “TV TV TV Sports sports sports,” and any ridiculous thing said by Don Mattrick. There doesn’t seem to be anything Microsoft can do to fix the Xbox’s image. The best thing to do is a hard reset in the form of a shiny new system.Sony recently stated it wouldn’t release a new console (the PlayStation 5) for another three years. The next Xbox could potentially release within the next two to three years. Xbox head Phil Spencer said the new console is currently in development during yesterday’s briefing. The next generation will be here sooner rather than later.It typically takes anywhere between two to five years to produce a solid video game. If Microsoft’s newest studios are already working on titles, it is safe to say they’ll be on the next Xbox. I’m not saying these devs will produce games for launch, but they’re no doubt all working on something for the upcoming Xbox system. A new system with new games is something few hardcore gamers will pass up, especially if both the hardware and software are legit.With talented studios producing quality titles and a new system to play them on, Microsoft is setting the stage for its grand comeback. Anything can happen in the next couple of years. Success is not guaranteed. Still, this is the best position Xbox has found itself in since the golden age of the Xbox 360. I think we’re about to witness a newly revitalized Xbox brand put Sony and Nintendo on notice. Even if you aren’t a fan of Xbox, you have to feel excited overseeing what these new studios will make for Microsoft’s upcoming console.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Simon Belmont, King K. Rool, and Dead Luigi Join Smash Bros. UltimateAn Interview with Jump Force Producer Koji Nakajima last_img read more