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first_img“Our dedication in renewable energy has brought us on a path of continuous innovation and many satisfied customers around the world.” Great advancements have been made in the offshore wind tower industry ever since it was first installed in Denmark in the early 90’s, an essential development due to the growing global demand for renewable energy which keeps increasing every year as governments are channeling investments to decrease carbon emission. This year alone, 15GW of new offshore wind capacity is expected to be added in the global offshore wind energy. We understand that maintenance down time or unexpected errors may occur during the manufacturing process; that is why, in order to provide a fast and professional service to all our customers around the world, we have incorporated a special function in our Faccin CNC controlled machines called RSM (Remote service management) securely connected to the FACCIN Cloud Service. FACCIN has always been attentive to customer’s requirements, it is not a coincidence that we were the first supplier to offer a CNC controlled plate rolling machine in 1984. Faccin Offshore Hydrogen “Our aim is to help today’s manufacture face tomorrow’s challenges.” FACCIN has been entrusted with countless projects by providing high performing machines to roll foundation and wind tower components, giving the most complete solution on the market for bending the industry’s heaviest structures. W2H2 projects are gargantuan investments that involve many industries working together, from dished heads of pressure vessels to ship frame benders making ships to transport gas onshore. At the threshold of Offshore wind energy is the transformation of wind energy into green hydrogen at an industrial scale. Through the process of electrolysis, water is split into oxygen and hydrogen which can then be used to power engines, gas turbines and fuel cells, not to mention it can also replace the use of CO2-neutral as a reducing agent in steel fabrication. Hydrogen produced via electrolysis can result in zero greenhouse gas emissions and criteria pollutant emissions. It is estimated that a 4GW wind farm can produce enough hydrogen to power 1.4million homes and it has also a very high potential of competing with diesel fuel. FACCIN’s single-operator wind tower integrated automation system is designed to maximize the productivity of rolled cans manufacturers by guaranteeing reliability, precision and a fast rolling cycle. The system also combines essential components such a robust top support, sturdy side support and self-aligning feeding table, all controlled by a state-of-the-art CNC, enhanced by our long experience in this technology and designed to guarantee our customers’ profitability. The advantage this brings to wind farms is that hydrogen fuel and electric power generation could be integrated, thus allowing flexibility to shift production to best match resource availability with system operational needs and market factors. Also, in times of excess electricity production from wind farms, instead of curtailing the electricity as is commonly done, it is possible to use this excess electricity to produce hydrogen through electrolysis. The floating wind-to-hydrogen turbines would be completely independent of the power grid – a major contributor to cost reduction. Forming Today’s Futurecenter_img As the offshore competition is growing in expanding new markets, the balance between productivity and profitability has never been so aligned with being competitive in the market of renewable energy. Tailor made cost-effective Solutions By: Mr Virginio Paratico – Area Sales Manager – FACCIN S.p.A It allows the end user to receive immediate assistance directly from our customer service department using live video feed and an easy to use interface so that real-time assistance is provided whenever needed. Upon request, the service department can also see the screen of the console which can help the user run diagnostics or trouble shoot at the spot and our experts can analyze the collected data and provide solutions for improving efficiency. The gas can then be easily stored by existing infrastructure such as gas pipelines, storage tanks, and onboard ships. These are structures that require very resistant and thick materials that can be formed by FACCIN’s complete plate bending solutions. With over 200 years of combined experience in metal forming, FACCIN Group unites the world’s leading manufacturers under one roof: Boldrini, Roundo, and FACCIN. Plate Rolling Machine. Our Group is now a very powerful combination of well recognized brands in plate rolling, profile bending and dished head manufacturing. These brands are all united under one roof, each brand specializes in a certain type of product and we aim to deliver the best quality and technology available in the market. Our mission is to continue growing the two pillars of our success, which are thousands of machines we have installed around the world and what we consider to be our greatest achievement, the thousands of positive references from satisfied customers. Our strategic focus is to keep growing as a group, using the synergies provided by each brand not only technically but also commercially to offer customers an even wider range of options. Learn more about us and discover our latest developments by visiting our website www.faccin.comlast_img read more

first_imgThere were times during the World Cup that I was away from television and therefore needed to listen to commentary on the radio. I should say that after four weeks of listening to all the stations on the Accra airwaves which ran commentary, that if it was a competition, George Addo Jnr of Joy FM would have won by a country mile.The Joy FM commentary team had their peculiar strengths and weaknesses throughout the tournament. Samuel Yirenkyi, the head of sports at the group has experience but he huffs and puffs on the commentary, Kwame Dwomoh Agyeman has potential that can be developed, Benedict Owusu tries hard but he gets nowhere and Ridwan Ibrahim Asante is not the commentator you look forward to listening to, as the summarizer it is fine. By the grace of God Mr. Tony Bebli was far away in Brazil so we didn’t get tortured with Fataaaaawu Dawudaaaa, Christmas tree formations and kominini. Hallelujah!On the other hand,George Addo Jnr was so good I looked forward to hearing him every match day. I had to change the dial to listen to Yaw Osagyefo Anaman (Peace FM) or Gatuso Gatuso (Asempa FM and Adom FM) as they presented their own version of ‘concert’ commentary when George Addo Jnr was not the one running commentary on Joy FM.Heck, on some occasions I had to mute the television as I watched the match and increase the volume of the radio so George Addo would ran the commentary for me. Especially on days that I had to watch the free to air feed. Mute Kwabena Yeboah, increase George Addo would sound like an irony, but I did it.What makes George Addo tick on the commentary had to be his voice, his pronunciation and his knowledge of the game. He is also up to date on the football issues and everything else about his commentary is so refreshing. Though he has been relatively new at Multimedia Broadcasting, George Addo has been handed a few programmes. He has been the host of On the Spot, a sports debating programme and sports presenter for the evening news both on Joy FM. He has and still hosts sports shows on Multi TV including the Football Show – an hour review of  the weekend’s footballing action -and the sports presenter on the news bulletins on  the Joy News channel on Multi TV.Before Joy FM he had volunteered with Radio Univers 105.7FM at the University of Ghana for four years and had risen to be the head of Sports. He was also the media relations officer of the Ghana Universities Sports Association and traveled to cover sports events like the 2012 West Africa Universities games in Nigeria, 2012 All Africa games in Namibia and number of university sports events in Ghana amongst others.I knew he was but not too sure if he is still the Communications Director of the Ghana Beach Soccer Association, which ensured that he accompanied the Beach Soccer national team to Morocco last year for the African Beach Soccer Championship.All these accolades don’t say as much for me as the performance he put up during the World Cup coverage on Joy FM. Yes he watched all the matches on SuperSport and ran the commentary on radio, but he was my revelation of the World Cup.It is my considered opinion that if the people at Joy FM know what’s right they’ll make him the number one football commentator and Kwame Dwomoh as the number two! Congratulations George Addo Jnr., for a virtuoso performance; don’t sweat it too much to find out where I got the background information on you though.  By Francis Dokulast_img read more