November 2017

: the update of redundant information

algorithm based on the adjustment, because of the huge amount of tasks, so the search engine currently only a large portal adjustment. Small and medium-sized personal webmaster information is still in the adjustment, after the completion of the task ranking will naturally recover, but whether the level nor is now the "first performed" phenomenon. Personally think, may love Shanghai tend to human search adjustment, the original to see who? To humanity as a benchmark for the adjustment of the algorithm. read more



portal blog registered several blog account or blog theme to breast. If the blog can be changed to "eat what breast" this username. This blog has a very strong correlation, we can according to this method, the NetEase blog or not registered, because the NetEase has used nofollow tags, add the anchor text link is also useless.

a new one month ranking, this is my real case. I am engaged in Shanghai Longfeng work more than a year, when started, for Shanghai dragon does not understand. After more than a year of exploration, I have to come out of Shanghai dragon optimization and not hard events, especially newcomers think Shanghai dragon is a very mysterious work. But I don’t think, only to do, try to do, Shanghai dragon page ranking is not difficult. read more