September 2017

is the most popular Internet, along with the rapid development of science and technology, all kinds of business on the Internet can emerge in an endless stream, a hundred flowers contend in beauty, each one has its own merits. And as everyone knows, people through the Internet to visit the whole world is the effective tool to search engine. The network just buds when, the rise of the desktop search, in a very long period of time, the desktop search is to occupy a dominant position, but also facilitate the netizens surfing life. read more

first, solve the crawl is not normal, since the effect of love Shanghai is big changes or they may think our website that a few days a problem, we have to let him come to see, the first is to do a lot of external links, the chain of high quality, I suggest that we are in the A5 and blog the owners of the house this platform we reproduced Bowen, once included, so the weight of the chain is very high, the search engine will crawl along the link to our website, through the residential area several times, found that the quality is very high, the website is very stable, then the key words and the snapshot will likely normal. The ranking is greatly improved, the probability of this great blessing in disguise. read more


VoiceGem is actually very simple, go to the VoiceGem website, you want to contact type contact mail, then say what you want to be good, after the completion of the recording will generate a link, just fill out the automatically saved to the e-mail address to send in the mail text. As long as the other side click the link, you can automatically jump to VoiceGem, hear your voice, and human nature is, accept the voice of the party does not need to log on VoiceGem, click the link can hear.

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VoiceGem is such an asynchronous voice mail service. VoiceGem’s two founders Arda Kara and Alexander Blessing all is to pursue a master’s degree in Stanford University, Stanford University, but their two hometown are from the United States not in Turkey and Germany, the middle can not only separated by a the Atlantic. The two of them face the same problem: because of the time difference and the huge geographical difference, the two of them are very difficult to contact with their family and local friends. Skype is almost not available do not say first cost is our domestic different area audio card assembly is not, send a simple text message is very cold. Although there are SocialCam, Viddy and other video sharing applications, but in order to just a few words to shoot a video is a bit too wasteful, and only the mobile terminal, the elderly at home may not be able to adapt. As a result, two people raised the idea that they could combine sound with traditional mail. This is the prototype of VoiceGem. read more

is one of the factors that we do the chain construction can not be ignored, if you analyze it outside the chain of competitors found outside the chain of the chain and not his opponent so much and rich, but the ranking is much higher than oneself. One of the quality problems you should take into account of the chain. So how do we analysis the quality of the chain competitors? How can we see the opponent outside the chain correlation platform released with their own site? Whether the chain chain is stable?? quality of these three aspects of information will directly affect the chain. So we can see the quality of the chain opponent through these three aspects, making strategy for the construction of the chain better. read more

last year, Google defeated Chinese, moved to Hongkong station, search engine usage and market share will decline significantly. Nearly 30% original in China, market share, is also love Shanghai, Tencent, Sogou several companies divvy up. With Google in the mainland market Chinese "decline", criterion its website weight, is the webmaster highly recognized the value of the PR value, also slowly lost authority. On the contrary, because love Shanghai rising market share (the latest statistics also show that love Shanghai has now occupy 83% Chinese search market share), the more the website construction and website optimization personnel chasing the object. read more


As mentioned above,

with Dongguan Shanghai dragon industry application development by marginalization, knowledge of the short board is again reflected in chicken ribs. In one of the few eight days after adaptation, cognition, experience. I began to try some problems with zero reflection belief in their own environment encountered.

I temporarily "content + channel" as the station construction work of the core, for different industries, different forms, different manifestations of the site, the content of the composition structure are the same, regardless of the overall structure, content transforms, show guide and so on all cannot do without their inherent structure. read more


keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

registered a forum in the first familiarize yourself with each section, because the level is low, some sections can only see content and not reply

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure


optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain read more

2, website operation promotion is through as many channels as possible, free and paid.

(8) to enhance the site visits, this is in fact to see everyone’s website ranking and promotion;

(1) site should have the function and structure of search engine optimization, within the chain, the chain, the site map function;

(9) on the website or website, to search engine to manually submit page and submit the page.

(6): "to improve the quality of original content, especially now, the construction of love Shanghai pay more attention to the content on the website; read more

when the net search some information about Shanghai, love of the most accurate answer to show the net, here has been very concerned about the problem of Shanghai dragon ER. Why do I row information will not to do, but others in the first row of information. Below to introduce the principle of

love Shanghai out robot (robots) will enter some websites grab information through some webmasters of the link.

three. Love Shanghai information service

What is the

love Shanghai robot will fetch the information stored in its database (in some of the new site will have such problem: a new station on the line, love Shanghai has not been included, or only included the home page. In fact. Love the fact that Shanghai is already included in your website, the information contained in the database, check your site over time will put out), will analyze the data, some of the same information filtering out effective information preservation. read more

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Website Optimization Website optimization is to know, in order to make our site more in line with the search engine algorithm, so as to make our website have been included, thus increasing the weight of the website. So as to attract more users to our website. Our ultimate goal is to users come to our website, see our website, and then promote our company’s products and services. But we do website optimization only meet the needs of the search engine is not enough, but also need to meet the needs of users, to meet the user experience, because the final purpose of our website is to let people see. So how to optimize our website to better meet user experience, to meet the needs of users of read more