August 2017

3. Links not included or itself does not transmit weight

when you exchange Links, some owners to sign the name of three links, request to your site with his website A link, and then let you use the link to his website B, and then in the state three to link than two-way link to.

1. exchange Links, delete the other link


we all know that the weight is passed through the link. Since you can transfer, that lead to some webmaster do not want to transfer the weight of his website to you, deliberately reduce weight Links. The weight can be obtained through the website structure make Links page reduced, there are nofollow tags in the link, there is only put on your Links and no other links to the page where you Links. The best Links can be part of the site structure, to get the normal weight. read more

can do its own website brand protection greatly, but also can reduce the negative impact of the site, while others want to use some websites to do negative information, as long as the ranking does not appear on the home page, the site is a very little effect.

this is immoral, but it is still very common in the auction site, the site name brand is the use of others as the word for word, if the brand word search volume is large, then the auction website gain, Shanghai website design co CE network for example, such as beauty this keyword, someone directly as bidding Keywords: read more

I was always a very introverted or very shy person, in the QQ of my friends will certainly feel this, I rarely take the initiative to find friends, unless special friend, said the best thing I like character called it, that’s not nice one is stiff or enigma. But I found my friend contact for a long time and still love to communicate with me, at least I will help them, they will be more or less give me some help. Long network of friends, not to say that we can really do must be like-minded, not saying we want each other to be more familiar with, but we can sincerely treat each other as much as possible to help a friend, do what you can do. read more


website optimization work three: content optimization

website optimization work two: keyword analysis

Why is ! !

to do the work for the first job to do?! there are two reasons: one is detected by the friends of the chain, we can find some problems with the friends of the chain, and then promptly removed, to avoid being punished! Two is the detection ranking is to affirm the day before work! Every test rankings change, adjust and optimize the strategy so as to better and more timely, make the website ranking rise read more


do we Shanghai Longfeng optimization friends have been emphasizing the "content is king, the chain for emperor", so should the specific how to operate? Today Wuhan Shanghai dragon to bring all of the content of the website is how to update, recently found that some sites are completely in order to update and update the content, write some website completely and no contact there is a direct copy of the article, to update, (this time a little busy, my blog is a direct copy articles in the update, the snapshot still lead to blog on the 7 day, now it seems that this article will have their own original ah), when we write the article in the station, we must do a good job in the chain operation. Only do the chain operation, the site’s overall weight to go up, can do more flowering, first of all we have to understand the concept of the chain. read more

Through the Links search platform chain related

then, looking for friends of the chain through the competition website chain, this method is also very aspect, a method is the most stupid, general webmaster do not know before the two methods will use these third methods, by directly open the web site to see the friends of the chain, or through the webmaster tools to find friends chain. Then a chain in a contact each other exchange site.

, two

first of all, through the QQ group to find relevant industry QQ group. QQ webmasters may be familiar with it, looking for friends of the chain way through the QQ group is the most appropriate method, can be in QQ search in the search by keywords and groups, and then find the group and their own website related types, generally as long as the group will pass, the friends of the chain QQ group wish the more people the better, so, the webmaster to find a travel website in the QQ group plus group, and if the active chain group, this will play a certain role. read more

4, reputation will become new friends make Wangzhuan choice. Chinese click Wangzhuan owners boundless power, make friends to have a restriction on their bad behavior, the website to turn off and let people disgust, the high reputation of the station will become the first choice to make friends. As of 365, around seven, happy Wangzhuan Wangzhuan station Premking etc. must carry forward, a lot of money.

3, diversification of money making patterns. If you make money by clicking on it, you may not even have enough electricity, which is an indisputable fact. A primer so Chinese click Wangzhuan just to attract members, more make way on the web, like money, money, registration code rebate Wangzhuan, hook money surfing, money and other will carry forward, make friends can have more choices. read more

, whether it’s an entrepreneur or a venture capitalist with financial backing, wants to turn the company into a unicorn.

second, on average, there are four new unicorns every year in the past ten years. What is particularly worth mentioning is that Facebook is a super Unicorn because it is already worth more than $100 billion. In the past few decades, about ten to three new unicorns appeared every new year.

therefore, this paper mainly discusses two problems, one is that startups become a unicorn from the beginning of development, how much is possible; two, we can from Facebook, Workday and LinkedIn such a big success for the company to learn what. read more

1. advertising stay time is greater than 10 seconds,

3. doesn’t clear COOKIE, you can’t click ads,

How does

well, I hope you can mix up something in the network. This article is original: webmaster.

looked at the title maybe many people will agree with the statement, "my own real flow click is real, so I will not be a lot of K station" there is this idea that people should not be denied that there was indeed a part of the real flow in the GG account is not K, especially those famous web sites and large traffic sites, not more, but we went to the station, often see some real traffic by K account, grumble at the forum, so that there is not a real flow must not be K, the same is true why K has not been flow by K? I had been collecting the website K data users, found that most K webmaster is a small site, and revenue per click is generally low, which also shows their site click mostly invalid clicks, we know that shlf1314 ADSENSE The judgment is invalid clicks according to user retention time and look at the advertisement website number and click on the source to judge, but as these sites get a lot of advertising, many users are not in advertising, while the user is found do not point advertising, will immediately close the advertising pages, thus causing a lot of invalid click website the invalid click is not necessarily K, but not too much then click will be K, when you click invalid and effective point to beat more than a certain proportion, then GG will K your GG account, this judgment seems reasonable, but very hard, when if you go to another site forum access and whether he would have to pay attention to advertising on the site, will not go to click? I don’t think anyone would. read more

know almost in the past year,

above is some small experience since I do Wangzhuan, hoping to just the new Wangzhuan some small

China company listed on the United States, that a group of people after years of efforts to create huge social wealth in this way is feasible; on the other hand, the new generation in the rise, more and more new opportunities are waiting for us.

the power of the Internet,

good time to return to entrepreneurship

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