May 2017

beautiful things are always loved by many people. Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of our living standard, we pay more and more attention to the choice of fashion. ROSSEA.J brand shoes? Is the fashion choice. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the ROSSEA.J project is to choose the fashion brand shoes.

ROSSEA.J brand shoes style design fashion, elegant, generous. In order to build the domestic shoes brand, ROSSEA.J brand shoes have their own outstanding designers. Experienced design team, ROSSEA.J brand shoes for the product has brought a new concept. ROSSEA.J brand shoes continue to absorb the fashion shoes design concept, and constantly in-depth understanding of the needs of domestic female consumers, brand shoes for the development of ROSSEA.J has brought a new driving force for development. read more

it was said that the electricity supplier industry is the world of female entrepreneurs. This is not too far away. The number of women in the electricity supplier industry practitioners to occupy almost half. Held in Wuhu, the first women’s electricity supplier business competition, the female hit Yang Xintao in 10 days to sell merchandise sales of more than 15 yuan last year, won the grand prize of $1586.

1 on the afternoon of 7 may,  , Wuhu, the first women’s electricity supplier Entrepreneurship Competition finals and Awards held in Anhui University of engineering, which also marks the successful closing of the venture. read more

alone is better than teamwork, especially in business. Through the enterprise alliance, can effectively integrate various types of resources for the development of enterprises to achieve rapid docking, to create an infinite growth potential of the industry chain.


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living standards improve, contemporary people pay more and more attention to health care, go to the gym, diet, swimming, in fact, foot care is a good choice. Many foot shop business is good. Xiaobian give you a brief introduction of the foot shop business strategy, we can take a look at.

A, the store management depends on the brand, brand reflected by vector

Each branch of

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now, WeChat began to be used as a tool for communication. Reporters learned that, according to the Tencent insiders broke the news, the Tencent announced the establishment of WeChat group this month, will be put to pay, "Twitter Life" as the main body of the life, and the lottery team to the electricity supplier to the business group.

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now, the brand in the field of wallpaper market demand continues to expand, a variety of brand wallpaper chain is more. Many investors choose to open a brand wallpaper store, how to win the fierce competition in the market brand wallpaper? Many brand added to the wallpaper industry chain of novice entrepreneurs are very concerned about this issue.

Store design

Shop design in brand wallpaper stores read more

with the development of the Internet, love to buy things on the Internet is also a lot of people, there are a lot of people want to run my own shop in the online shop, online shop selling what is the hottest? Now the network every hour and moment not affecting our life, along with the vigorous development of electronic commerce, so we come out of this this paper, some problems about the open shop. First, the general and broad prospects are the kind of people? I think that most office workers, students, unemployed or in store by the impact of the owner, presumably are mainly concentrated in the crowd, someone asked me to open shop selling what? What sell sell money? What is the fire? Today to take this opportunity to talk about my views! read more

how to run a dumpling shop? We are now on the road to join the venture to find a new way of entrepreneurship, but the restaurant is still as hot, which is also the need for business skills.

A, the technology is excellent, guaranteed authentic dumplings".

their chef is from the north, because the local people are not good at it. The whole process of the operation of the chef, from the raw material purchase, the preparation of a variety of fillings, kneading the surface of the soft degree, boiling heat, the time of the pot, there is a set of special requirements. Some tips are often with many years of experience, "only to be sensed, not explained". The skin is too thin and easy to cook, paste soup; too thick so that diners can not taste the taste of dumplings. read more


is now the national interest in the Rio Olympics, however, at the same time there are still many places by flooding problems, property loss is small, man’s life and family possessions is really important. However, in the face of the flood, many people simply do not know how to call for help and security transfer, leading to the loss of names in the flood, this is to make people really feel sad. So, how to call for flood and transfer?

into the summer, rainfall, temperature rise. Some provinces and cities in our country due to heavy rains flood disasters, which seriously affects people’s health and safety of life and property. In order to popularize the knowledge and skills of flood disaster, recently, the China Health Education Center organized experts to compile the core information of flood disaster health education. How to provide scientific knowledge to the public from the aspects of the preparation before the flood, how to call for help and safety transfer, and how to prevent the disease after the flood. read more