April 2017

many times, we found that we do a lot of money invested in marketing, but did not receive very good results, the waste of marketing is very serious. Pay a lot of effort, the results are not proportional to it. This time, you have to reflect on their own brand marketing strategy. 6 marketing mistakes make up marketing, these minefields can not step.

for their own marketing

according to preferences and behavior if you or your friends, for customers to imagine, this will be a mess of things. The end result of the marketing campaign is likely to be in conflict with your target audience, and the customer’s true wishes, needs, preferences and behavior are not adjusted, so you can not bring benefits to the brand. read more

key restaurant is now mainly in the children’s quality of large and medium-sized city, the city market is relatively mature for businesses to dig the wealth of space. Then the specific site should refer to what? If you want to know more, just take a look at it!

where is the children’s restaurant open? Of course it’s near the shopping center or near the playground. If you intend to open a children’s restaurant and no relevant experience, then do not worry, Xiao Bian to help you recommend a children’s restaurant franchise can help you complete the business. Key youmi children restaurant not only delicious, but also let the children know more. The district to open children’s restaurant? Key restaurant children good quality rice. Key youmi restaurant children make more intimate between parents and children, also let the children more parents work hard, let the child know Thanksgiving sense, promote their growth, to make new friends. read more

network has now become a very good business platform, at the same time, each period has some people to achieve the goal of the rich network, especially the people now through the network shop has become more and more, then say the entrepreneur through the open shop to business objectives.

What makes read more

men’s dress dressing taste, how many details will play a very important role. Among them, the belt is also very important. In short, a man with a belt can see his life taste. Men’s belt luxury brand top ten rankings, each of the world’s top brands, a word is expensive ah. Look at the following men’s belt ten brands list.

men’s belt ten brands list NO1-Brioni

stands for the Rome style Brioni, which has the support of Annan and ·, such as, and from the beginning of the era of the · the era, the Brioni is locked in 007 of the time in the. This is a vector of tailor-made brand recently is to enter the field of luxury sportswear, and in the recent Saks Fifth Avenue opened their first store. Of course, Brioni is considered to be the most valuable brand. read more

in the process of doing business, is almost a popular vocabulary, each of us will often hear the same at the same time, now no matter what business, in fact need to gather more popular, we can finally achieve the goal of getting rich.


promotion card

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beef noodle has been a lot of people are very fond of a pasta, and in our country’s food market also has a lot of pasta brands. However, if you want to make your own business can be booming development shops, by a higher degree of recognition, naturally need to choose the business address. So, where is the beef noodle shop open? Let Xiaobian for your simple analysis.

is a popular delicacy in the beef noodles do a better, more beef characteristics, more attractive to consumers, but even store food delicious, no good geographical location, the store’s business is not so good to do. Beef noodle shop business in place? The following small series to introduce you to the details of the location of the open beef noodle shop. read more

entrepreneurs choose to join Hanruisi barbecue? In the catering market, not only has a lot of popularity, and joined the Hanruisi barbecue project is still very concern choice. Quality of the project, the first step to successful entrepreneurship. So, to choose to join Hanruisi barbecue OK?

Hanruisi barbecue chain cost? Hanruisi barbecue as a high-end food delicacy, its investment cost is not high, from 3 to 50 thousand. The Harris chain catering to the modern fashion of traditional food culture fusion food channel, operating authentic Korean barbecue houses as the main body, with features of high quality food, covering food, soup, vegetables, fruit, drink, and fresh material, "eight dietary categories, forms of nutrition and health, delicious, green fashion" Harris "product to join the system, with the fire of another franchise. read more

as China’s two-child policy carried out, many homes have second children, also let a lot faster development of the industry, now in the society of children’s consumption level is constantly improved, entrepreneurs also see opportunities here, have to join a child related industry, which belongs to the children park stores most entrepreneurs welcome! But many entrepreneurs may be the first time to do such a business, so there are a lot of do not understand, let’s look at the details of the need to open a children’s paradise franchise! read more

entrepreneurship is a difficult process, in the course of business may face a variety of problems, therefore, when entrepreneurship shop to grasp business problems, in order to correctly grasp their own business this time in the business, to lay a good foundation for their success, to achieve better development in the business on the road.

, start to early entrepreneurial opportunities.

what is the most precious thing in the world? Time. Because time is not replicable, disposable resources. Flash has been 30, the youth has passed away, whether it is energy or passion have begun to decline, can not wait. Always hear someone say, now nothing > there is good to do before, the money is not earned. In ten years, it must be the same. This shows that the market is constantly standardized, the overall level of the industry is the trend of declining profits, want to get rich overnight, easy to get rich is unrealistic. So, start to early. Be prepared also is not particularly good, but as long as the direction is good, just do it to throw off the arm. Perhaps the initial cost will be bigger, nothing, just when the intersection tuition. Time cost, in exchange for the opportunity to make money. read more