2016 entrepreneurial projects recommended

when more and more people are ready to rely on their own business to achieve the dream of becoming rich, there are more entrepreneurs will be such a confusion: Entrepreneurship in the end what to do? What entrepreneurial projects make the most money? The following small series will come to share 2016 of the new shop start-up projects, hoping to provide inspiration for entrepreneurs.

2016 venture project recommended: Youth Hostel

this is a small hotel that provides accommodation and food for the world youth. There are thousands of such cheap homes abroad. A lot of Youthotel owners are hoping to help aspiring young people, because they always think: "maybe today to stay in the future is a world-class big man."

2016 venture project recommended two: jewelry processing shop

beauty is in everyone’s heart, love is a woman’s nature jewelry since ancient times, with the female aesthetic level, whether in the city or the countryside, want to wear gold and silver jewelry are beyond count, women’s demand for jewelry is more and more big, what is more, due to the passage of time can be renovated or replaced to jewelry jewelry style, which provides a broad market for jewelry processing industry. In view of this, I suggest that entrepreneurs may wish to open a new jewelry processing shop, will be a good business.

2016 venture project recommended three: animation accessories store

the project is mainly engaged in the sale of game cards and game accessories, cartoon character models, games and other strategies related to the introduction of the game animation game related products; to provide the game machine modification and upgrade services. How to invest 50 thousand dollars before the shop, you need to understand the current market that is currently the most popular animation and game consoles and other models, and then carry out commodity analysis and positioning, the right choice to choose around the school. 50 thousand how to make money? The initial investment is mainly rent, renovation, purchase of equipment, staff salaries and other expenses, 3-5 million to open business.

2016 entrepreneurial projects recommended four: love will pawn

love seems to be only in the TV show, now 80 has become the main consumer groups. But after 80 girls will cook less. General white-collar lunch has become a chronic problem. We can rent a house in the business district. Set up a love Bento shop. Love is easy, of course, with love as the theme. The office will inevitably have a story, maybe you can also serve as a tool for confession. Ha ha! You can make a private dish like that. You can organize a party at the weekend.

2016 venture project recommended five: low calorie snack shop

snacks, which seems to be a patent for women and children. According to the "

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