Wei to join – reliable industrial self-service car wash whole

car market gradually popular, the car market is also very large space for development. Small entrepreneurial choice to join the car after the market, no doubt, is a very wise choice. How do you think of the industry? Good project, worthy of trust!

in recent years, a lot of people to join the autonomous car wash industry, the car wash car project does not fly?. Wei wanted to help the car industry automatic intelligent self-service, convenient, very good to meet the needs of consumers at any time to keep the car as beautiful as new demand. Wei to industrial automatic computer control, digital display system, consumption is clearly visible, coin coin system, automatic identification of counterfeit money really; non contact inductive IC card, card system; cleaning agent automatic proportioning system, more intelligent and humane.

self washing machine project is not reliable? Of course, reliable, especially to Granville Industrial self-service car wash, that want to join Granville Industrial self-service car wash? Wei to industrial safety, self-service car wash cleaning, water saving, festival, the trust of consumers and investors. Wei think industrial self-help car wash on the car body and chassis can be cleaned at any time, safe water pressure self cleaning to avoid the car shop barbaric cleaning scratches car paint, cleaning more thoroughly. Wash 1 cars only 30-50 liters of water, less than 0.1 kwh of electricity, no noise pollution, no exhaust pollution.

science and technology to create wealth, Wei want industrial self-help car wash? Market development space, good prospects, worthy of trust. Join Granville want to help the car industry car wash project, open a car belonging to their own industry want to wash car shop, shop is earned!

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