60 years ago, the stock of 2 yuan in the end what kind of long

would like to know what stocks 60 years ago? How much is the stock worth 60 years now? I believe that many users and investors want to know. Recently, the residents on drying out a group of 60 yuan a year ago, the stock of 2, curious to look at the children together!

documents page fourth stock dividend record column shows, September 1984 had a 6 dollar bonus. The little red book was also sandwiched cooperatives in Huian County in 1956 six issued a shares, already old yellow, but the handwriting is still clearly visible, it is also the name of Huang Chengzong, dated February 3, 1956. On the back of this stock, it also shows the amount of dividends from 1957 to 1978.



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