Good business opportunities open a pregnant women Restaurant

modern people on the quality of life requirements are relatively high, so the food and beverage industry has also changed with the emergence of the theme of the restaurant, the theme of the restaurant. Today, the emergence of Beijing’s first flagship nutritious meals pregnant women restaurant, creativity has been affirmed. However, the high price of pregnant women restaurant dishes, pre business is not good, although this is the case, but the future market potential is worthy of recognition.

it is understood that this restaurant is a business by pregnant women, maternal and child supplies enterprise invested, after 3 months of market research and planning of the company will be the restaurant dishes, located in pregnant women, and to create a comfortable environment from the aspects of the dining environment, chairs, anti-skid and other music for pregnant women.

pregnant women in the dining room only a few pregnant women accompanied by their families, most of the meals are empty. "It is not used to," is 6 months pregnant Ms. Liu said after the meal, although the dining environment elegant, tables and chairs are more comfortable, but she thinks the package in the chicken sauce and pumpkin soup, fish, white radish juice with steaming porridge is very nutritious food, but the price of 40 yuan of pregnant women the meal, let Liu think a little expensive.

, director of the restaurant market, said Lee, who will be catering to the population in the middle and high income pregnant women, and stressed that the nutritional meals designed by food experts to meet the nutritional needs of pregnant women. Pregnant women package price of 38-79 yuan. 6 meals a day to the door of the meal price is $240. For Liu’s view, Mr. Lee said not to regard it as right dishes in all pregnant women, restaurant, do not add any flavor or irritating condiments, pregnant women restaurant although poor results, but in the future will gradually be recognized by customers.

Chinese natural therapy foundation President Gu Kuiqin for pregnant women restaurant idea says yes, she believes that pregnant women in pregnancy to eat during the period, during early and mid pregnancy, confinement requires different nutrition collocation, "such as the early and mid pregnancy should increase brain nutrition meals, support fetal brain development. She said, in late pregnancy, pregnant women to reduce fat intake, to prevent the accumulation of a large number of fat in postpartum.

pregnant women restaurant has not been popular, so now if the shop, there is certainly a promising future. Specifically for pregnant women to prepare the restaurant’s food is very desirable, but the specific business, food choices, dining environment and other aspects need to consider the operator to improve.

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