Men’s belt ten brands list – the whole

men’s dress dressing taste, how many details will play a very important role. Among them, the belt is also very important. In short, a man with a belt can see his life taste. Men’s belt luxury brand top ten rankings, each of the world’s top brands, a word is expensive ah. Look at the following men’s belt ten brands list.

men’s belt ten brands list NO1-Brioni

stands for the Rome style Brioni, which has the support of Annan and ·, such as, and from the beginning of the era of the · the era, the Brioni is locked in 007 of the time in the. This is a vector of tailor-made brand recently is to enter the field of luxury sportswear, and in the recent Saks Fifth Avenue opened their first store. Of course, Brioni is considered to be the most valuable brand.

men’s belt ten brands list NO2-Armani


and Zegna tied, but Armani has the highest sales record in the past. "American gigolo" the schungite, crepe wool yarn and soft material as a symbol of male dominance, but Armani still represents the artistic taste of the product. Last year, Giorgio Armani group’s global sales have exceeded 5 billion euros.

men’s belt top ten brand NO3-Ermenegildo Zegna

Zegna is tied to Armani, but it ranks first in the delivery of top quality. In recent years, the strength of the Zegna brand has been improved, it is necessary to thank the U.S. advertising industry, Zegna’s new store concept and popular New York Z Zegna show.

men’s belt ten brands list NO4-Ferragamo

compared with the top three, Ferragamo in the LBSI index and additional information assessment, have been much higher than the average score. Under the guidance of its menswear designer Massimiliano Giometti over the years, Ferragamo men’s clothing has quickly set up a classic style of fashion products.

men’s belt ten brands list NO5-Canali

Canali also has an indicator of the crown, that is familiar with the brand’s rich customers would like to introduce it

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