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in order to shun the economic development of the Internet, many of the traditional enterprises began to actively combine with the Internet, in the course of the combination of many enterprises have achieved good development. Xi’an International Port District supported by the Internet venture "Princess Iron Fan" today (January 5th) issued by the Internet plus traditional food to build IP new products to become outstanding achievements in Xi’an "double" tide, Jianli A is Xi’an local electricity supplier in the field and outstanding representative.

it is understood that, at present, the traditional beef products supply chain is not perfect, brand marketing lags behind, the lack of Internet genes and other issues, leading to the domestic beef snack food is still dominated by local brands and the traditional brand, there is no national leading brand. At the same time, because the domestic consumption upgrade, the trend of a healthy diet, Iron Fan Princess came into being, once listed, it won the favor of many food lovers. "Iron Fan Princess" beef jerky main IP – Iron Fan Princess is a sweet appearance, very strong personality image. Its character and taste of beef jerky (sweet and spicy).

it is understood that the "Princess Iron Fan" is the key support of the international port district Internet venture, its products are raw materials from Xi’an local production lines and factories for local enterprises, has achieved SC certification and food production, began large-scale production. Since the middle of the project since the line in October, a total of 3 months to sell a single 10 thousand.

Iron Fan Princess beef jerky handmade, without any additives, each link is completed by hand: from slices, pickled to stir fry, the whole process to ensure the taste of pure and healthy. After the efforts of R & D team, beef jerky in unopened 0-4 degree of cold storage, can be kept for 90 days. Its users are mainly from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other provinces after 90, which mostly women, users praise degree 95%, re purchase rate of 21%. Expected from January 2017, the monthly sales of products will exceed 20 thousand single.

headquarters in order to allow the brand to further develop and grow in the market, and constantly improve the brand awareness and influence in the market. Currently, the Iron Fan Princess has received a strategic investment of 5 million yuan, 2017 plans to achieve sales revenue of $25 million, in 2018 plans to achieve sales of $100 million. It is understood that the "Iron Fan Princess" has been invited to become the upcoming 2017 Xi’an Expo exhibitors and key special purchases for the Spring Festival products, national consumer goods fair and will represent Xi’an in Internet plus consumer goods in March next year.

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