Ten diatom mud brand ranking

The development of

economy, let the family decoration is increasingly optimistic, good decoration materials make people feel more comfortable to drive the progress of diatom mud market, with the arrival of the era of brand, diatom mud industry increasingly fierce competition. The following small series to introduce diatom mud ten brands list to help people choose a reliable diatom mud brand.

ransjo diatom mud: ransjo diatom in Jilin province new material Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, the headquarters is located in the picturesque Karen lake, covers an area of 70000 square meters, is a research and development, training, office, production as one of the modern garden factory. The company has its own diatomite mines in Changbai Mountain and sales all over the country. Ransjo is China Building Materials Association vice director of ecological environment building materials branch units, Changchun Municipal Quality Inspection Association, diatom mud branch.

Kasami diatom mud: as early China refined diatom mud products suppliers, Qassimi regardless of product quality, process water products, technical innovation and service quality, always the pursuit of excellence. Qassimi also participated in the drafting of "Chinese diatom mud industry standard" and promote the formulation, formulation of "standard" water wall coating liquid in diatoms and determine, become "water standard" number fifteen designated one of the drafting units.

Otsu: Otsu diatom mud is mud Chinese diatom mud industry pioneer and leader, diatom mud industry only listed brand (430098), diatom mud industry only by the Ministry of science and technology named "national key new products", "diatom mud industry standard" the drafting unit.

montage Montage: at the beginning of 2009, (MONTAGE) officially entered the mainland China, 2010, in view of China, booming business, by the montage (MONTAGE) the only agency – the Eurasian green state (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd. introduced the British original technology, to achieve domestic production in Chinese Beijing, and the establishment of R & D, the production base, the brand operation of three division. At this point, the Chinese mainland in the montage blooming splendor, has become one of the most influential domestic art paint brands.

Panpan: Panpan diatom mud is one of the earliest domestic brands of diatom mud, diatom mud industry pioneer and leading brands. Is based on science and technology to support the development of a series of environmental protection, energy saving, functional type of new products as the leading modern scientific research oriented enterprises.

green forest: green forest diatom mud is the industry as a whole, has a complete.

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