Analysis of Taiyuan weijiade cold noodle monthly profit

catering business investors first thought of the problem, and to consider the question is probably: I choose this brand can make money? Monthly operating profit is about how much? Presumably a lot of people have such a question, the answer to this question, Xiao Bian can only explain to each other through an example.

Taiyuan weijiade cold noodle join money? How much is the monthly profit? This is an issue of great concern to many friends will join the Weis cold noodle, in order to make everyone feel at ease to join, don’t have doubts, today, how much is small for everyone under the analytical weijiade cold noodle profits every month for your reference, I believe, is very helpful to everyone.

Taiyuan weijiade cold noodle business do not make money?

analysis of Taiyuan weijiade cold noodle monthly profit:

to 50 pounds of flour, for example:

50 pounds of flour, priced 1.1 yuan, or 1.1 yuan (*50 kg) =55 yuan, to 130 pounds per bowl of cold noodle, cold noodle dosage of 0.5 kg, 130/0.5= 260 bowls, each bowl of cold noodle priced at 1.5 yuan, can sell 1.5 yuan =390 yuan *260 (bowl).

chilli oil cost 0.1 yuan per bowl: Sesame per bowl cost 0.15 yuan, 0.15 yuan per bowl of aniseed water cost, fuel cost 0.1 yuan per bowl. The cost of each bowl of seasoning a total of 0.5 yuan

260 cold noodle seasoning bowl a total of 0.5 yuan *260 yuan (bowl) =130

total cost: flour price 55 yuan + seasoning price of 130 yuan =185 yuan

net profit: 390 yuan -185 yuan =205 yuan

monthly income of 30 days *205 yuan / day 6150 yuan

Taiyuan weijiade cold noodle restaurant to make money? Wei development so far, has gone through more than ten years, but the Wei family has gone to the cold noodle brand to join the rapid development of road mature, weijiade team members with a fervor and resolute execution, rich professional skills is the most important young dream, each other support, in the realization of their personal ideal at the same time, led by Wei Jia restaurant management company to a new level, the achievements of Wei restaurant tomorrow!


above is the editor of Taiyuan weijiade cold noodle operating profit simple introduction, if you are on the brand what other aspects of the problem and want to know, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff for the first time to contact you after seeing the message.


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