What procedures need to invest the pet hospital

pet hospital is now doing a relatively hot project, if you want to invest in a pet hospital, you can get a good income, then, a pet hospital which procedures need to invest it? Small make up for us to do a detailed introduction, want to shop to join, then to understand in detail!

animal health and quarantine supervision station, told reporters, according to the relevant state laws and regulations, if you want to open a pet hospital or pet clinic, pet hospital to open what procedures? Must first go to the county animal epidemic prevention supervision agencies to obtain animal medical license and animal epidemic prevention certificate. After obtaining the animal medical license and animal epidemic prevention certificate, pet hospital or pet clinic only need to apply for some business license, such as industrial and commercial license and other conventional business license, you can open.

pet hospital to open what procedures? Animal medical license: the applicant is required to submit application materials including an animal clinic application, copy of ID card, the legal representative of the animal clinics offer animal clinic range plans and interior layout, set up animal clinics employed by practicing veterinary and veterinary assistant technical personnel, copy of ID card, copy of degree certificate and a copy of proof of Title etc.. Under normal circumstances, the admissibility of the application from the audit results that the time required for about 20 days.

animal epidemic prevention certificate: first of all, the applicant should submit a written report to the county animal epidemic prevention supervision organs, fill in the "animal epidemic prevention certificate application form", apply for "animal epidemic prevention certificate". Under normal circumstances, the animal epidemic prevention supervision agencies in 30 working days for animal epidemic prevention conditions on-site audit review, if the audit issued after the issuance of animal epidemic prevention certificate. Pet hospital, the selection of medical staff is very important

if you want to open an area of 200 square meters of pet hospital, pet hospital to open what procedures? The basic need for funds, three hundred and forty thousand yuan can be opened; however, the pet hospital must be improved in after the opening, if it is y into investment, the funds needed in about five or six hundred thousand yuan.

intends to open the relevant provisions: Animal Hospital, should be divided into treatment rooms, treatment rooms, wards, pharmacy, operation room, laboratory, X light room or B ultrasonic room, disinfection supply office and other 8 departments; pet hospital open to what procedures? To open an animal clinic, it shall be divided into 6 sections, namely, the clinic, the disposal room, the operation room, the pharmacy, the laboratory, the sterilization and supply room, etc..

pet hospital to open what procedures? To do health work, especially medical wastes such as sewage, etc. to make a needle tube and a needle head health agency special clearance; maintain good ventilation environment; keep good relationship with nearby residents; if there is a medical accident or disputes, should actively seek the higher authorities help recommend

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