42 thousand poor people into the information platform

Three party

village randomly click Minhe Hui and Tu Autonomous County West Gou, poor households XXX, platform immediately shows that the causes of poverty is the lack of technology, the average annual income is 2290 yuan, including poverty alleviation measures: to carry out training, strive for the reward of housing, the implementation of low relief — on the first province of poverty alleviation precise information service platform, Minhe county 10 thousand and 600 households, 42 thousand poor people’s personal information at a glance.

recently, the reporter in Minhe county headquarters office to see the precise poverty, through large data management platform, randomly selected a poor households, poverty status, the causes of poverty, poverty alleviation work progress and poverty situation, every household should carry out what kind of Poverty Alleviation Policies to help the team and work in the village, accurate log the precise content items, have a clear record of the effectiveness of poverty alleviation etc..

this year, the county in order to clear base, problems, countermeasures, Qing Qing Qing task, clear responsibilities, accurate data and standard management as the main line, in order to achieve the "eight accurate" for the purpose, established the county poverty alleviation precise information service management platform. The information platform covers 125 poverty villages in the county of 10641 poor households 42232 impoverished population, a detailed record of the information on the basis of poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation and basic information developed including the characteristics of planting and breeding industry, rural tourism, easily relocated, the export of labor services, skills training and other 29 households by Shi Cecuo, has entered the 47 thousand measures.

in addition, the development of the current situation of the various sectors of the industry combined with poor villages, has entered more than 45 items of information in the project of more than 980. And the use of statistical analysis module, dynamic tracking, real-time statistical analysis, to achieve accurate poverty alleviation work of information, data management.

"villagers at home or in the electricity supplier service station to buy agricultural supplies, daily necessities, online shopping is very convenient, can express people through the door; can also sell local agricultural products through the website generation and the characteristics of Agronomy products, the local quality products delivered to all parts of the country." Gap door town village village electricity supplier service station has just been set up soon, Amoy helper Yan Yan side busy reply online customer consultation, told reporters.

in Minhe county villages and towns, can be seen everywhere in the rural Alibaba Taobao service station. This year, the people’s Republic of China and the successful signing of the Alibaba group of rural Taobao project, a strong impetus to the pace of e-commerce into the countryside, the county has injected new impetus to the precise poverty. As of now, the county has 47 rural electricity supplier service station, is expected in 13th Five-Year will be the construction of 150 rural electricity service station.


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