During the Spring Festival this year, Xining tourism accounted for nearly 50 million yuan

City Tourism Bureau statistics, during the Spring Festival Golden Week this year, the city received a total of 89 thousand and 800 tourists trips, tourism total revenue of $49 million 620 thousand, of which attractions tickets income of 392 thousand yuan.

in recent years, due to the increase in the city’s foreign promotion, China xiadou brand awareness continues to improve, attracting more and more people travel to Qinghai, Xining. During the Spring Festival, the city held a people’s Park, large ice lantern art fair, four area lights and a series of rich and colorful winter tourism activities, attracted the attention of our province and other states the majority of city residents and tourists visit. In addition, with the improvement of people’s living standards and the transformation of ideas, the number of people traveling in the spring festival than in previous years, a larger growth.

During the Spring Festival in

through the efforts of various departments, the city’s tourism market orderly, standardized service travel agencies, star hotels and other tourism enterprises, tourism safety work is solid, festival tourism zero complaints, no safety accident.


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