Municipal Women’s Federation to celebrate 38 activities Haoxiliantai

March 5th, the reporter was informed that the Municipal Women’s Federation will during the "38" women’s day, to promote the basic national policy of gender equality and women’s important role in the economic and social construction, show the industry female style, outstanding women play a leading role model as the focus, to carry out a series of theme activities.

it is understood that the series of activities will show women’s female style city from six major areas, and provide all kinds of help and support for the city women in need of help, guide the majority of women to make contributions in the development of the society. Activities include: "let flower of national unity and progress in summer bloom" and "38" to commemorate the 104 anniversary of International Women’s day in Xining women and female workers "civilized city · show women’s style" fitness talent exhibitionactivities. The fitness yangko dance, Guozhuang and ninth sets of broadcast gymnastics, square dance, aerobics, aerobics industry; calligraphy, painting, paper cutting, embroidery and other projects to guide the majority of women and female workers to establish a scientific, civilized and healthy lifestyle; through helping needy families, poor women, left-behind children, Empty Nester and the disabled. Provide timely and thoughtful service for them to learn the true spirit of Lei Feng bloom at the grassroots level, the service of the people around, achieved solid results; in late January to mid March, Xining City People Club Bureau, Xining City Federation of trade unions, the Xining Municipal Women’s Federation jointly launched the 2014 spring action. Through the development of policy advocacy, skills training, job promotion, small loans, equity maintenance etc., provide effective services for rural women labor force employment; relying on the "women’s home" and "left-behind children" home to carry out legal forum, with "anti cult" and "anti domestic violence" as the main content of the law advisory services in rural areas; at the same time, Municipal Women’s Federation began in March to start "elegant women, to become a harmonious family, the achievements of women’s dream" as the theme of modern female auditorium activities throughout the year to be held in the city’s women’s federation system, various forms of training; in the "love for women, health care, is to carry out the census, the countryside free experience the activities of the clinic, women’s health knowledge propaganda to the majority of women.


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