This is the first prerequisite for the development of events in the destination

first_imgThe first prerequisite for the development of events in the destination is good planning. Although we can list many important items under the organization of events, because it is a complex organization with a lot of details, people and partners, one of the main items is defining the budget, which conditions absolutely everything, even just maintaining it. That is why the announcement of the public call for grants for events in the case of the Rabac – Labin Tourist Board is a great story. Both because of the planning, and because of the promotion of the same and the creation of a new motive for coming. Although we in Croatia are unfortunately used to having very low standards and expectations, the announcement of a public call for support of events should certainly not apply to the current year, which is unfortunately a common case, because a logical question arises: How to plan a budget when you do not know if event to receive financial support and in what amount. An excellent example of the promotion of the Zadar Outdor Festival It may seem to some that the public call for events in the case of the Rabac – Labin Tourist Board came out too early, but here is one example that in my opinion justifies the same. Cover photo: TZ Rabac – Labin However, the organizers of events in Rabac and Labin have the privilege of being able to plan on time. Namely, TZ Rabac – Labin, as the first in Croatia, ie the earliest of all other TZ, at least according to my information, has announced a public call for financial support for events to be held in 2020. So in the current year, six months before the start of next year, they are planning events for next year.center_img Logically, because the guests are in our “salon” during the tourist season, they are there, and we create the motive for their arrival for the second year, and we have the best advertising because all the tourists who were in Zadar that year saw our message. In fact, we are witnessing how some tourist boards are announcing a public call for support for events in the current year for half a year, such as the Korčula Tourist Board, which just a few days ago announced the same. Three years ago, the Zadar Outdoor Festival, then still in the pipeline and only announced, had a promotional banner above the street in the old town of Zadar (the busiest street before the Forum hostel) announcing the festival, which will take place next year. So, the promotion started a year ago. Also, the first such case in our tourism. It’s up to the people. It is possible. Bravo for TZ Rabac – Labin. The deadline for submitting applications is Friday, September 6, 2019, and the public call and tender documents can be downloaded at

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