Advertising report published on Chinese social networks

first_imgThe best way to advertise is to compare product features. Users are therefore not loyal to one particular presenter. More than 80% of users stated that they prefer to watch several different presenters and that they will follow the platform rather than one person. One of the main trends emerging in the Newrank report is the growing amounts of large WeChat KOL campaigns (key opinion leaders). Thus, between 2017 and 2018, the amount spent on WeChat KOL campaigns greater than 100.000 RMB jumped from 40% to 58% of the total investment in KOL. Online advertising has also undergone significant changes in recent years. Now, brands are much more likely to invest money in advertising on WeChat Moment or Douyin than on the Baid search engine. This trend is reflected in the increase in income from social networks. When it comes to the companies that invest the most in influencers, the leading ones are large internet companies and FMCG brands (consumer goods). This is mainly because these groups of companies have large budgets for promotion and invest in large campaigns. The Newrank report highlights some of the most significant trends. Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly important with an emphasis on video content and live broadcasts. Search engine advertising is expected to decline from 31% to 15% of total online advertising between 2013 and 2020. Influencer campaigns can be incredibly effective. As many as 48% of customers after the KOL campaign buy the product directly from the link provided by the influencer. The other half will decide to compare product prices at different online stores before buying. This trend reflects the fact that larger influencers tend to have a better return on investment by brands. Top KOLs are most likely overvalued, the report points out, but at least brands now have an average real return on investment in influencers. When it comes to the promotion itself, videos have twice the chance of conversion than articles. With the rise of live streaming and short video platforms, brands have the ability to diversify the format of their content. In fact, cosmetics and clothing are the categories of products that sell best with KOL recommendations. Cosmetics and fashion companies are usually smaller in scope than FMCG companies, but have a higher return than KOL campaigns. WeChat official accounts are still the main channels through which users want to hear from brands. Brands are more likely to invest in online ads because the Chinese population generally accepts them. As many as 58,4% of Chinese internet users have a positive attitude about online ads. The last category of content covered by the Newranka report is live streaming. The main reason users follow WeChat has to do with the content itself. Either it is published too often or it is not of sufficient quality. One of the main findings from the Newrank report is the extreme concentration of reviews on a smaller number of accounts and articles. In general, users from smaller cities are more likely to watch the broadcast live. Also, they are more likely to make a purchase after the transfer. The report also highlights the differences between China and the Western world, with a visible decline in interest in search engine advertising. This means that almost half of consumers are willing to buy a product based on reading just one article, with no research or comparable price on other channels. That is why KOL marketing is the most effective way to promote a new brand. Newrank, one of the largest social data analysis companies in China, recently released a report on social media. ATTACHMENT: Full report China Social Media Content Report 2019 Source / photo: WalktheChat Home photography: www.scmp.comlast_img

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