Moving to the south of the new school

Across the pavilion, gurgling water, 625 million yuan investment in the Fifth Middle School of Xining city in the new school has been built, the school will complete the overall relocation in this month, the new site in the south of Xining, the original South Street campus will continue to retain fifth for educational use, and will build a modernization in the old campus on the nine year school.

campus to the teaching area as the center, sports area and living area extending thereafter. Each classroom is equipped with an electronic whiteboard, broadcasting system modernization; in the building of 6485.36 square metre, physics and chemistry laboratories, computer classrooms, classrooms, laboratories and other nanotechnology robots everything; general technical room is leading in the province, where the students can not only master the principle of the machine structure directly, but also make the machine; all kinds of features such as vocal music, instrumental music classroom, classroom classroom, dance room, art room, painting room, choir room etc. the school library has a total of 4 Goods are available in all varieties.; layer, total construction area of 3975.74 square meters, composed of conventional library, electronic library and electronic reading area, there will be improvement of books of more than 15 books and 120 computers at the same time, there are 3 billion young electronic books available for students online reading Chinese characters.8×

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