Huangzhong to protect 120 million spring production

In order to ensure the agricultural harvest yield, increase the income of farmers in Huangzhong County, seeking early, early, early action, and do a good job in the spring production of agricultural production, and strive to win the first battle". Up to now, the county issued a total of 124 million 220 thousand yuan of agricultural loans, planting various crops of 151 thousand acres.

in the spring production in Huangzhong County, the development of vegetable industry as a priority among priorities, to further optimize the crop planting proportion, continue to expand the vegetable planting area, and actively create Lijiashan, Republic, rouchard, LAN Long Kou Zhen 4 key county vegetable base, currently has a circulation of 18 thousand acres of land. The county has been transporting reserves of 4 million 580 thousand kinds of crop varieties.

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