Huangzhong to carry out thousands of civilized persuasion

Recently, nearly 1500 volunteers in Huangzhong County, the county’s 15 organized volunteer service teams, Party volunteer service teams, armed police force volunteer service team and the Qinghai University, village level two, enterprises to carry out the "beautiful Qinghai, beautiful and harmonious development of Huangzhong national unity" as the theme of environmental protection volunteer for health management activities. The activities to the environment and the public order rectification, by the majority of the volunteers do civilized persuasion action, advocating "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress volunteerism, guide the urban and rural residents to develop habits of civilized behavior, improve the urban and rural residents in urban and rural areas surrounding the quality of civilization, to create a beautiful environment. During the event, the volunteers to the unit team, and villages and towns two levels with each other, by cleaning governance, hanging banners, civilized persuasion and other forms of in-depth environmental volunteer service activities. On highway 315 and highway 109 on both sides of the road segment and DOPA more than 40 township streets were thoroughly cleaned, for pedestrians littering, spitting, parking vehicles, road and other uncivilized behavior of persuasion, and the timely cleaning of garbage, the non motor vehicle parked for parking, use the actual action of volunteers and guide urban and rural residents to develop good habits of civilized behavior. Clean the window, behavior chaos posting advertising, Chutan lane and other uncivilized shops along the street of persuasion, and urge the store clean store. On the grounds of civil strife debris, vehicle parking is not standardized, posted small ads, the corridor is not clean and other uncivilized behavior persuasion, to help the formation of a normal life order.  

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