Xining responsible for the implementation of the report clues

In order to further standardize the city discipline inspection and supervision of the work of the petition report, recently, Xining formulated the "Xining City Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision bureau reporting work management approach", the first in the province to implement the petition clues graded responsibility, centralized handling.

"measures", receiving complaints and reports of a range of the city at all levels of Party members and Party organizations and monitor objects in violation of disciplinary rules prosecution according to discipline in accordance with regulations; accepted by the discipline inspection and supervision organs of Party organizations, Party members and party government administrative supervision against the disciplinary and other handling complaints; on the construction and discipline inspection and supervision work of the city’s clean criticism, suggestions. Letters and reports pieces of disposal in accordance with the proposed filing, preliminary verification, and the temporary conversation letter consultation, taking five kinds of ways for disposal.

"measures" clear letters and reports pieces for the time required: to reflect the violation of political discipline and political discipline, discipline violations to engage in "four wind" problem to the quick check fast knot, rapid processing. The petition report results requires discipline inspection and supervision organs at higher levels, where an investigation, the general contractor should be reported within 3 months; the investigation, general should report in 5 – 6 months; if the superior of the petition reporting time provisions, in accordance with the provisions of the time report. Approved by the investigation and verification of reporting, the fact, constitute the need for discipline, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the disciplinary process, after the completion of the approval by the contractor responsible for the leadership of the audit, in accordance with the provisions of filing. The discipline inspection and supervision petition approval closed, deal with all the archival materials were collected, catalogued, bound, important letters and reports pieces of permanent preservation, general reporting long-term preservation.  

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