Xining City, more than half of the new County town of new homes by the end of the year

The autumn of Yushu is full of the joy of harvest. For the reconstruction of the city of Xining, more than the county, the joy comes earlier. August 17th, the reporter learned from the Yushu headquarters of Xining learned that the construction of 60 projects in Xining is progressing smoothly, many projects nearing completion. Starting next month, the residents of the multi County residents can live in a new house, the children can also be in the new classroom. This year, Xining will be fully completed all the projects.

it is reported that the reconstruction of Xining Zaduo reconstruction work was officially launched on September 2010, headquarters three years by the Xining Municipal Construction Committee, housing bureau, development and Reform Commission and other ten bureau committee consisting of a total of more than and 40 people have been stationed in Zaduo county to carry out reconstruction work. Xining city undertakes Zaduo SA Hu Teng Zhen earthquake reconstruction project total construction area of more than 310 thousand square meters, a total investment of 1 billion 120 million yuan, the project involves farmers and herdsmen housing, urban housing, health education public buildings, the new city government administrative center, comprehensive social services, municipal infrastructure, rural road hardening urban water supply, landfill, etc.. After more than two years of construction, as of now, Xining has completed a total investment of 929 million yuan, accounting for the total planned investment of $82%. Among them: the farmers and herdsmen housing, urban housing residents, farmers and herdsmen housing maintenance and reinforcement, urban residents housing maintenance and reinforcement, the town of the town of the town of bridge across the bridge reinforcement and maintenance of 5 projects have been fully completed and delivered. Zaduo first boarding school, zadoi County, second kindergartens, social welfare, child welfare, zadoi County Middle School (site), zadoi County People’s Hospital, CDC, service center for the disabled, nursing homes, community service centers and other 19 projects fully completed. Zaduo, second elementary school, the first small orphan schools, National Middle School (location), health education project Tibetan Hospital, entered the final work. 15 construction projects completed the main cap and masonry wall insulation, start and indoor plastering, 12 new projects were the main cap. During the year, the project will be basically completed in Xining, and more than 70% of the counties will be handed over to the county.

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