Township hospital information management system started to see results

to speed up the construction of information management system of township hospitals, to enhance the level of information management of township hospital, the City Health Bureau in accordance with the relevant requirements of the provincial health department, the information management system of township hospital as a key task, regular or irregular supervision and inspection. At present, the county (District) has basically completed the township hospital information platform for personnel training, system installation and information maintenance. Many hospitals in Chengdong district hospital, Roca Bay City District Shen Zhai hospital, Chengbei District twenty shop and Baoziwan town hospitals have the normal operation of the information management system of township hospitals, realize the informatization management of township hospitals.
through information management system in our city, township hospitals start using, greatly enhance the township hospital outpatient management, charge management, pharmacy management, hospital management, financial management, medical management, Dean of the standardization of the management level and quality and efficiency. Not only provide accurate and complete the detailed list of expenses for the patient, do and through service as clear as noonday consumption, efficiency and level, also reduces the waiting time in the masses, so that the majority of farmers to enjoy fast and convenient services.

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