This year, Xining did not appear high temperature days

23 in the morning, the lowest temperature in Xining is only 5.2 degrees, although the temperature began to rise sharply in the afternoon, as of 17, the maximum temperature reached a temperature of 26 degrees, but many people still feel a little low temperature this year. The reporter then learned from the provincial meteorological station, according to the twenty shop data of meteorological stations show that this year the highest temperature monitoring did not exceed 29 degrees, at the same time, the province in addition to Xunhua people, and, most areas are not high temperature days (meteorological sense, temperature for 3 days over 30 degrees called Gao Wentian).

it is understood that from the beginning of 19, the city will sooner or later the temperature at 15 degrees Celsius, while the temperature of 20 DEG C in our city is also very common, but not enough time to enjoy the good weather for several days the public began to complain about the "summer cold too early". During the reporter checked the temperature records, from August 5th to August 12th last year, Xining, Ledu, peace, Xunhua, Golmud, and the people, small fire, cold lake, Nuomuhong, Delingha, Guide, Jianzha, Tongren, the daily maximum temperature 13 monitoring stations reached or exceeded 30 degrees, Xining is the 5 consecutive days the highest temperature is over 30 DEG C. This year, the highest temperature in the urban monitoring stations at about 28 degrees celsius. Weather experts predict that the city has been difficult to appear three consecutive days of weather temperature of more than 30 degrees celsius. In this regard, the provincial Climate Center of the Dai Sheng said, although compared with last year, people’s body temperature is low, but in mid August this year, the province’s average temperature between 7.6 DEG to 19.5 DEG, compared with the same period in 2010 to 1981 the average temperature, the temperature in the Qaidam basin in Delingha, Dulan Nuomuhong low 0.1 degrees. The rest is 0.3 to 3.1 DEG C.

in another, 24 to 25 at night during the day, with showers or thunderstorms in Tianjun, Jianzha, Xining, Haidong, northern Hainan, sunny or cloudy the rest of the province; 25 at night to 26 in the West during the day and the rest of the province Haixi cloudy, with showers or rain. (author: Rong Lijun)


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