Xining City real estate sector real demolition site no longer have dust

October 23rd, reporters in Xining city housing security and the Housing Authority housing levy management office to understand, for the full implementation of the Xining municipal Party committee and municipal government of Xining City air pollution control requirements, to further strengthen the city’s demolition site dust pollution control work, Xining City real estate department formulated the "Xining City demolition site dust pollution control work plan" and "Xining city demolition site dust pollution" rules for the implementation of. Subsequently, the Xining Municipal Real Estate Bureau in the city to carry out the demolition of the site to carry out a dragnet inspection.

found in the inspection, Xining part of the demolition site only focus on the progress of the demolition of dust pollution phenomenon in the construction of the attention is not enough, lax management. As the train station comprehensive renovation project demolition site, Sanming market airport high speed along the pay formation, Lin Jiaya, Chaoyang village, Si Tai Zi Cun, biological park demolition site two (Tao Jia Zhai, Liu Jiagou) demolition site etc.. The individual project demolition scope, demolition area, construction waste can not be cleaned in time, the overall coverage is difficult. Such as the airport expressway, Chaoyang village, temple rhyme ieguchi Ertaizi Village demolition site comprehensive renovation project, the train station bus station, two biological park demolition site (Tao Zhai) demolition site, Tonghai bridge ramp demolition site etc.. Then, the real estate sector of the enclosure demolition site is not standardized, the building did not clean up the garbage or cover, the site is not equipped with a sprinkler dust reduction problem of facilities and equipment, dust pollution is serious, has issued 40 copies of the rectification notice, to the area where the Construction Supervision Bureau issued a notice 10 copies, shall be ordered to shut down for rectification of joint law enforcement process 6 home. Real estate sector has also taken a look back, dynamic tracking, etc., urge the relevant units to complete the rectification on schedule, to ensure that the demolition of housing construction process dust pollution control to achieve tangible results.

after a period of remediation, demolition site dust phenomenon has been effectively curbed, as of October 23rd, the demolition site are taking effective measures to prevent dust pollution of the environment. (author: Yuan Zhen)

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