The province’s rural and pastoral areas behind the second plenary session of the joint meeting of th

12 8, the province’s rural and pastoral areas left behind children’s care and protection work of the joint meeting of the second plenary session and joint monitoring, accompanied by the growth of special action video conference held in Xining. Vice governor Kuang Yong attended and spoke.

the meeting pointed out that the rural and pastoral care left-behind children protection work is a long-term and systematic project, the parties concerned, social expectations, all localities and departments must deeply understand the CPC Central Committee and the State Council the important instructions and the decision to deploy, and further strengthen left-behind children work sense of responsibility and mission, the correct analysis of the current province children face care the protection situation in rural and pastoral areas left behind, accurately grasp the problems, strengthen cooperation and coordination, and make concerted efforts to promote rural left-behind children care for the protection of the full implementation of work.

the meeting stressed the need to further strengthen problem oriented and awareness of the bottom line, with the principle of maximizing the interests of children, to implement the responsibility of family care is the primary task, to ensure the safety of left-behind children as a priority among priorities, efforts to solve the problem of lack of care, hold family care this "hand", with great effort, really Kung Fu, and Douzhu left-behind children in rural and pastoral areas in the safety of the bottom line. To focus on the implementation of the responsibility of the parties, to guide social forces to participate in, continue to strengthen security work, establish and improve the supervision and evaluation, performance evaluation mechanism, implement the plan, to form a cohesive force, ensure care protection measures to cover every left-behind children.


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