Three unit selection and appointment of personnel to accept the inspection

To implement the "China inspect the work of the Communist Party", the recent city actual, formulated the "Xining clean government inspections Interim Measures", set up 3 patrol group of agriculture and animal husbandry, health, housing and other 3 units to carry out inspections. Municipal Party Committee Organization Department with inspection work, set up inspection teams 3 units of more than the people with special inspection candidates, combining the special inspection and inspection work, and strive to build a joint supervision pattern, to achieve the two work to promote and complement each other, and achieved good results.Before

examination, inspection team carefully combing through daily understanding, letters and reports, economic responsibility audit, a report of two Council found that the units under inspection problems; to master inspection group inspection unit selection and employment aspects of the situation, and please send inspection teams 1 comrades to participate in the special inspection work. To ensure the effective connection between inspections and special inspections. The inspection, inspection team inspected units using listening to presentations, with knowledge selection testing, access to archives and other forms of 3 units in recent years, making use of the overall situation, focus on the implementation of the new revised since January 2014 "cadre appoint byelaw" and "on selecting and appointing cadres to strengthen oversight." the issuance of the check. A total of 47 copies of the data files, cadres file 85, and organize the selection and appointment of cadres to participate in the knowledge of the test, the basic grasp of the work of the selection and appointment of personnel and the existence of the problem of the 36. After the inspection, inspection teams and groups to exchange views, common pulse unit problems are examined one by one, a comprehensive analysis of "diagnosis", a report on the inspection form.

the inspection, both found that the policies and regulations to learn publicity is not enough, the selection and appointment of cadres incomplete information, file management is not standardized and other 3 types of common problems, but also found the existence of individual units of personality problems. For each unit of the existing problems, the inspection team feedback by candidates to the work of the special inspection of each unit, each unit in accordance with the requirements of the feedback to develop reform proposals, put forward specific measures, reasonable arrangements for the rectification period, strict implementation of the rectification. The implementation of the rectification plan, municipal organization department cadre supervision office tracking supervision, implementation of sales management, to ensure the rectification in place.


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