Report on behalf of the provincial government work report

two days to attend the National People’s Congress of the twelve session of the National People’s Congress of the two meeting of the people’s Republic of China to perform their duties conscientiously, seriously consider the government work report, talk about feelings of development, said the intention to make recommendations.

during the meeting, the delegates speak freely, each one airs his own views. Delegates agreed that the report runs through the main line of reform, highlighting the concept of the people, to show pragmatic style, stirring up the rhythm. Demonstrated the new government policy ideas and innovative practice, reflecting the spirit of reform, pragmatic style and people’s livelihood.

Luo Huining representative said that the government work report is a full of reform and innovation, highlighting the feelings of the people, reflecting the pragmatic good report, fully endorsed. Over the past year, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council in the practice of a series of important ideas, take a series of major policy measures to promote economic stability to the good, enrich and develop the party’s scientific development theory. One is to correctly handle the relationship between government and market, changing the functions of government, decentralization as the first major event, with the government only the "visible hand" to activate the market this "invisible hand", to enhance the power and vitality. The two is to correctly handle the relationship between regulation and target, innovation and macro-control mode, put forward the policy framework, to allow the market to eat reassurance, protect the economy is in a reasonable range. Three is the right to deal with the current and long-term relationship, the use of market instruments and differentiated policies, focusing on innovation driven, promote economic quality and efficiency upgrades to create conditions for long-term development. The four is to correctly handle the relationship between development and people’s livelihood, to improve people’s livelihood as the starting point and end point, building mechanism, make a short board, keep the bottom line, to promote social fairness and justice. We will thoroughly implement the spirit of the two sessions, adhere to reform and promote development, ecological protection, improve people’s livelihood, and promote the cause of Qinghai to a new level.

Hao Peng said that the report has four distinct characteristics: one is the strong signal, clear reform as the primary task of this year’s government work; two is to dare to play, facing the contradictions and problems, find the reasons from the government itself, puts forward the ideas and methods; the three is down to earth, new ideas, new tasks and new move from the grassroots, from practice; four is the release of increased confidence, maintain a reasonable growth rate determination, enhance the whole social confidence. The report is deeply rooted in the public opinion is the fundamental reason for the new government to do a good job last year, this year’s work plan well. Persist in reform and innovation, promoting development through reform, innovation and macro-control; maintain concentration and wisdom, scientific judgments and accurate grasp of the economic situation, formulate a series of policies and measures to promote economic quality and efficiency; advocating pragmatic people, in the economic slowdown, financial difficulties increase, not reduce people’s livelihood investment do not reduce the financial subsidy in poor areas, ethnic minority areas, to solve the livelihood problems of a large number of people in urgent need of the development of Qinghai, but also by its benefits. The next step should be combined with the actual situation in Qinghai, to implement the spirit of the report, to promote the development of the country’s first cycle of economic development, ecological civilization and advanced areas of national unity and progress.


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