Provincial Department of transportation to help Xining slow blocking Paul Chang

Provincial government attaches great importance to the problem of road traffic in Xining, the main leaders repeatedly made important instructions, the executive meeting of the provincial government conducted a special study. In November 11th, the Xining Municipal Committee, mayor Zhang Xiaorong invited the Provincial Department of transportation party secretary and director of the Magee filial piety line to Xining City, to discuss the slow blocking Paul Chang three year action plan for tackling the city road "outer ring network" construction project related matters, the arrangements for the deployment of related work.

Magee filial piety line inspected the scene of Xining high-speed link connecting line project of West Street and Qinghai Normal University New Campus surrounding road construction. In the subsequent meeting of the forum, the Provincial Department of transportation and the Xining municipal government will slow blocking Paul Chang three years plan "outer ring road network city" construction project of their work of communication and consultation and relevant opinions and suggestions, meeting to study and identified a number of specific issues.

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