Xining City Bureau of nternal Revenue Code of twelve words according to law

in order to further improve the quality of tax services, standardize administrative enforcement, recently, the Xining Municipal Bureau of internal revenue enacted the twelve word code of administrative law.

policy transparency. The use of the national tax website, tax rate QQ group, tax brochures, etc., to the relevant departments of the local timely reporting of work, responsibilities and policy implementation. Publicity to the community and tax related policies and regulations, and regular visits to the taxpayer, held a forum for comments and suggestions, targeted to improve the work.

program concise. Make full use of modern information technology to expand the tax online, online authentication and other functions, simplify the tax process, reduce approval procedures, and actively implement the "one window" service, full service, reminder service, reservation services, point-to-point service, solve the taxpayer bull run, re find the phenomenon.

strict discipline. In order to strengthen the internal control mechanism, honest and clean government accountability system and the rule of law, such as restraint of employee behavior, clear their job responsibilities, strengthen education and guidance, improve the consciousness of administration according to law. Play the role of obligations of supervisors, actively carry out morals evaluation and enforcement satisfaction survey, found in violation of discipline, in strict accordance with the tax law enforcement responsibility system and the tax law enforcement fault accountability system and investigate the responsibility of the relevant personnel, will not be tolerated mercy. (author: Zhang Xiaodan)


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