Xining is connected to the starting point of the Silk Road on the sea

18:35 on July 2nd, with Xiamen Airlines flight MF8213 smooth landing at the airport in Xining, marking the Quanzhou to Changsha route to Xining, the first successful, in the development strategy of "The Belt and Road", starting point of Xining and China’s Maritime Silk Road in Quanzhou to build the air channel.

Quanzhou as the starting point, the maritime Silk Road of China’s economic development, rich cultural tourism resources. As an important node of Qinghai province The Belt and Road ", has a rich cultural and tourism resources, Quanzhou to Changsha opened to Xining route, set up the connection of the maritime Silk Road and Silk Road Economic Belt air bridge, greatlyfacilitates Qinghai, Hunan and Fujian provinces government business cooperation and tourism exchanges and the opening to the outside world, for the prosperity of local culture, to create a convenient channel for the western region and the southeast developed areas of exchanges and cooperation, and promote economic and social development in our province has a very important role.  

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