Xining City, the layout of the construction of the city of flowers in 2015 to achieve the National F

Reporters from the Xining municipal government executive meeting held yesterday learned that the "forest city construction planning of Xining (2012-2020)" through domestic forestry ecological famous experts, which marks the establishment of National Forest City in Xining has made substantial progress. According to the "planning", Xining will be the "plateau Huacheng, forest Xining, charm xiadou" concept, the construction of "forest city spatial layout of a nuclear two zone, three axis, city of Victoria, garden".

is the "plateau Huacheng" fully demonstrate Xining’s natural landscape of great beauty and rape flowers, tulips, lilac et flowers characteristics. A large number of application of plateau characteristics of flowers, to create a large-scale landscape of flowers, to create a more attractive landscape of the city of the city of high – altitude lilac. "Forest Xining" is to fully rely on the natural landscape of Xining, the construction of the plateau characteristics of forest city. Through the forest city construction, formed in the city surrounding forest landscape as the background, the city park, road, waterfront landscape forest base, small green to supplement the city forest system, build the city rich plateau ecological forest environment affinity. "The charm of summer" is to strengthen the riparian green landscape construction, the formation of "forest and water dependent, green belt through the city" picture of the city, improve the landscape, to create a more comprehensive environmental impact Chinese leisure summer.

according to the plan, Xining will build a core, two districts, the three axis, the fourth ring, multi Park, the spatial layout of the forest city. One core refers to the urban area, planning area planning of Xining City, three counties, and connected to the metropolitan area and County Sichuan water area as the main space, the formation of Plateau Summer livable urban area charm. The two area refers to the hilly area and mountainous region of Xining city as the main space form, ecological conservation and ecological industry comprehensive development area, including Huangyuan, Huangzhong and Datong three counties in hilly gully zone and Dabanshan south mountain area of Shandong, brain Lajishan north slope and the main. Three axis refers to the full protection of the Huangshui River, Nanchuan River, Beichuan River and West River Wetland Landscape Ecological existing natural style, the formation of river ecological pastoral landscape leisure axis. City of Victoria refers to the city built around the mountain as the main scope of the formation of the four major cities around the ecological sports leisure park.

"planning" is divided into the creation and promotion period. The creation period is from 2012 to 2015. By 2015, the city forest ecological environment, ecological industry, ecological and cultural system of three 16 projects and 7 forest resources security capacity building, improve the city forest quality, increase forest protection, strengthen ecological culture carrier construction, to achieve a comprehensive index of the National Forest city. Enhance the period from 2016 to 2020, will initially be built in forest ecosystem, complete the prosperity of the ecological cultural system and the characteristics of the plateau ecological industry system, realize the city lined fresh air, lush vegetation, mountain valley rural scenery, flowers blooming like a piece of brocade, making Xining as a shining pearl of the plateau city.

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as of the end of 2011, Xining per capita public green area of 9.5 square meters;

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