Spring Grassroots to help children left behind to dream

January 24th, the Qinghai daily "Heyuan River" supplement special planning 2014 left-behind children attention ", with love and dream" special edition, affectionately recorded 38 were from Xining Guangming primary school, primary school, and the school dabuzi and Chaoyang School left-behind children new year wishes. Special edition after the publication of attention. January 30th, Xining City North District Bureau of education, especially in the Spring Festival approaching, to the children’s home condolences to help children dream.

New Year’s day thirty, Jiang Lanzhi, deputy secretary of the board of education of the Northern District of the city of a pedestrian, left behind children, and the residence of the residence of the president of Zhao Xiaoying, began the warm dream of the activities of the people of the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China. When the car slowly driving to Chaoyang West Road, Zhang Ziyi and his mother early waiting at the door of the families of the hospital, to see the arrival of the head of the Bureau of education in the north of the city, the child’s face revealed a shy smile. Zhang Ziyi’s new year’s wish is to be able to accompany her father and mother to buy her a new dress. Now her wish came true, not only did she get her favorite books, but also she returned to her parents. Taking into account a number of special circumstances, the gift sent to the goods, is the day before the festival, by their class teacher, Mr. Wang Hui Zhen, took them to the small bridge Xinhua Bookstore to buy children’s favorite books. Zi Yi chose "les miserables", "Aesop’s Fables", "flying classroom", "Oliver" and a dozen books. Love Chinese, she will buy the book out of the bedroom, to the presence of all the people to see, she sat in the middle of mom and Dad, browse the favorite books, his face filled with a happy expression.

came to Zhao Xiaoying’s house, the house is very busy. In the grandmother, father, aunts, accompanied by a slightly crowded room, enjoyable. Zhao Xiaoying is a very sunny girl. In the class, she is a music teacher. Xiao Ying is also eager to point to buy books, happy to say that this is my uncle aunt sent me. 80 year old grandmother moved to tears, in her heart, Xiao Ying is a sensible girl. Enthusiastic aunt, it is difficult to control the joy of the mood, the leadership of the Bureau of education and the teacher’s work is full of praise, but also told him to learn, read some extra-curricular books, do not live up to the expectations of teachers and parents.

it is understood that the north area of the existing children of migrant workers 3397 people, most of these children enrolled in school, and school four school dabuzi. Due to the north of the city has a large agricultural and sideline products distribution center, building materials market, pharmaceutical market, so more workers, but also more concentrated. In view of these situations, attaches great importance to Party committees and governments at all levels, the provincial women’s Federation, I Chengbei District Education Department has done a lot of work, carry out the "61 red scarf similar China Qing drama dream game", "my dream Chinese · love activities in the beautiful Qinghai" theme, and actively guide the children to send caring for them. In addition, the school has set up a psychological counseling Station to strengthen mental health education.


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