The province’s passenger station ushered in the peak of the return of short distance travelers favor

with the end of the Spring Festival holiday, a large number of return passengers have to take the train, car, plane and other relatives and friends farewell. Zhang and her husband in Haixi County, Tianjun County, for them, the car is more convenient than other means of transport, not only convenient to buy tickets, but also a sufficient source of votes, so that Zhang two can easily go to work.

February 6th at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the reporter saw at the sunning station, the passengers are the staff of the station to guide the way through the security check luggage. It is understood that most of the bus station in the middle of the shuttle bus, every day to come to ride the passengers from the province, and even foreign tourists. According to our passenger station staff, from February 4th onwards, the car occupancy rate increased significantly, "spring return peak has already begun, especially to Haixi, Hainan, Haibei direction of passengers, we have to return peak to do a series of emergency measures, in addition to increase the ticket window and overtime increase trips outside for safety, passenger travel is more strict." Xinning bus station staff told reporters.

reporter in a few tickets to see, to chase, Huangyuan, Huangzhong, waiting for the direction of a long team. The staff told reporters: "due to the three counties of the passengers have been more, so we in the three direction of the train to do the adjustment, not only the departure time compression stage, and prolong the booking time, to ensure that passengers travel at any time."


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