A 298 colleges and universities began to admit

Reporters from the 2014 college admission province the first press conference was informed that the province in 2014 college admission work began in July 10th, has been basically completed ahead of separate admission (undergraduate) and in poverty-stricken areas targeted for special admissions program advance beyond the undergraduate admission task orientation. A batch of college admissions work has been in full swing since July 15th, is expected to be completed in July 22nd.

has recorded more than 1500 undergraduate

ahead of admission (undergraduate) batch from July 10th to the end of July 12th, the basic undergraduate enrollment has been admitted to more than 1500 freshmen. The main army (including national defense, public security (police), pilot), justice, public security colleges and normal universities directly under the Ministry of education teachers (including normal ethnic classes, ethnic preparatory), navigation, sports and arts undergraduate colleges, Hong Kong and Macao, foreign language colleges, Beijing Foreign Studies University, China Foreign Affairs University, a small language China Youth University for Political Science, Beijing Electronics Science and Technology Institute and approved by the province in the early batches of admission alone in Colleges and universities. Which directly under the Ministry of education teachers are very popular candidates, are admitted to high scores (history and history of the highest score of 601 points, the highest score of science and technology class 605). The specialty of normal school of Qinghai Normal University, Qinghai National University of the most in a voluntary admission quota (history class highest score of 512 points, the highest score of 454 points in science and engineering). Hong Kong and Macao colleges and universities to receive a maximum of 622 cents a minute, science up to 636 points.

undergraduate orientation ahead of a voluntary score high

undergraduate advance directional batch from July 13th to 15, the basic end, including poor areas targeted for special admissions program, non oriented training programs and other undergraduate students in Tibet Tibet advance directional orientation employment enrollment plan, Qinghai University free medicine, take a single batch, a separate program, crossed alone, single voluntary reporting, separate admission way. Undergraduate orientation enrollment in Colleges and universities presented a high trend in the first time, Qinghai University free medical orientation students (maximum 530 points). Enrollment in poor rural areas targeted for special programs to the central departments and local universities of "211 Project" school, Qinghai University, admitted in four district of Xining City, Qinghai oilfield, with a special focus on contiguous county and national poverty counties of our province agriculture (animal husbandry), the family residence in the province attended secondary school school for three years in high school, I took part in the province was the college entrance examination students.

ahead of undergraduate students lack of time to volunteer

currently, ahead of undergraduate and early undergraduate orientation enrollment work is still underway, and is expected to end a batch at the same time. In the early years, when the lack of directional orientation of undergraduate students volunteer, complex time and a batch of colleges and universities volunteer complex synchronization.

a batch of college admissions work has been in full swing since July 15th, this batch of admissions colleges and universities, including 112 kinds of literature and history, science and engineering of the 186 institutions, large enrollment. Enrollment in Colleges and universities, 211, 985 Engineering University is relatively concentrated, outstanding students;

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