2013, how to smooth the project

vice mayor Xu Guocheng drying schedule to optimize 50 bus lines – to update the implementation of the more than and 600 buses – intelligent bus scheduling two years to build 10 filling stations

is open to you and me. In recent years, smooth engineering as an important livelihood projects, the municipal government has always been an important effort to practice the heart, but also the focus of attention of many traffic participants concerned. Standing on the vehicle is about to break through the 300 thousand mark, Xining how to break the problem, so that the road is more smooth, naturally became the two representatives of the province, members are concerned about hot topics. To this end, the reporter Xu Guocheng, deputy mayor of the line, drying out this year, the city’s smooth flow of the project schedule.

optimization of 50 bus lines

optimization of bus lines 36, new bus lines 5, and 9, after the adjustment of Xining bus line 67, line total operating length of 203.5 km, equivalent to a reduction of 17 bus lines, largely reduce the bus line overlap. 6 bus lines to solve the blind area to facilitate residents travel. Reduce the non linear coefficient and line length, can effectively reduce the road load.

update more than and 600 bus

as of the end of 2013, the city bus company to reach 8 years of service life of more than 622 vehicles, of which the double decker bus sets of 10. 2013 plans to invest 183 million 600 thousand yuan, update the city bus company vehicle more than and 600 units, improve the level of public transport facilities and equipment, improve the comfort of public transport. City transport company plans to complete three years of vehicle updates. After the completion of the renovation of public transport capacity can be increased by 133%, the average operating efficiency of public transport will increase by more than 10%.

transformation of 7 urban trunk

this year will be the implementation of 7 urban roads, road reconstruction project. The implementation of Froude lane road reconstruction project, with the Shangri-La Road, Nanchuan road connection open up. Implementation of unity Road reconstruction project to enhance the capacity of the road. The implementation of the transformation project Huang Road, connecting the smooth and mutual Road, Bayi Road. There are 51 Road, Chaoyang West Road, South Binhe Road, Tianjin road renovation and remediation.

urban governance 27 branch

included in the transformation plan this year, there are more than 27 branches. North of the city of 12, the main bridge area, the Yangtze River Road area branch network. West District 2, Kunlun Road, the Yangtze River Road, South Street Branch network. City District 7, including the main road of the two, the newspaper bridge, Riverside Road, the extension of the South Street garden. West District 6, including Industrial School Road, Kang Road, international village primary school, such as the south side of the road. Through the branch transformation, the use of microcirculation shunt traffic;

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