n the first five months of the East District, the new employment of 7403 people

June 20th, Liu Simin and Wang Kun work in a printing plant in the East District will receive their first job after the first pay again, the two plan how to spend the remaining. Five months ago, after the "one helping" "targeted staffing service" and "occupation recruitment week" and other measures, East District added a total of all kinds of employment of 7403 people, among them, urban employment and unemployed persons in employment are, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial drive employment nearly a thousand people, the realization of labor income of 110 million yuan, the employment situation is better than expected.

It is reported that this year’s

, the employment environment, constantly East District of thorough investigation, carefully combing various positions, enjoy close and full coverage, the equalization of services to ensure that the area of various types of job seekers and employers. Appropriated special funds, pioneered the construction of public employment service information platform, in the towns do, community, supermarkets, schools, bus stations and other crowded places to install 40 sets of public employment information service platform of the terminal equipment, for the people and employers to provide policy advice, employment guidance, occupation introduction service. At the same time, the establishment of the "East District entrepreneurial guidance service center", in accordance with the market demand and the training of personnel will make the bid, at the Xining municipal government procurement center in the successful tender farmhouse, domestic workers, nurses, entrepreneurship training four professional training, so that more people in employment. (author: Zhou Jianping)

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