A small shop to create a wealth of Legends


venture of perseverance, as long as you can set for yourself, go all out to business success, sooner or later, you have wealth.

2003 Chen Yafei was laid off from a mall, you can do what the future work has become a major problem facing her at that time. After a period of confusion, she carefully analyzed their strengths and weaknesses: young, do sales and services; not much money, lack of management experience. Aware of these, Chen Yafei did not rush to do the project, but for their own lack of charging.

a series of online comparison, Chen Yafei eventually will be locked in the eyes on the florist. At that time, the number of the entire city of Shijiazhuang is very limited, in the eyes of many friends, open shop this thing a little hanging. However, Chen Yafei did not pay attention to these negative factors, and resolutely opened up her flower shop. Choose a flowering shop, because I already love flower get grass, then she passed a florist with huge market potential, with the improvement of living standards of people, flowers will gradually for consumers to accept. And in the case of competition is not fierce, early intervention can occupy the market opportunities?

finally in third months, she received a business unit of the venue, because of Chen Yafei’s flower to ensure quality, and good service attitude, won the people responsible for the praise, the unit became the first big customer Chen Yafei, has since been working very happy. Florist opened to second years, the gradual emergence of a turn for the better, as Chen Yafei continues to expand long-term cooperation customers, flower shop has a relatively fixed monthly income. For a long time, the popularity of the flower shop has gradually grown up, the bulk of the number of customers is gradually up. Chen Yafei said that over the past few years accumulated management experience began to work, summed up the most important of the two: first, integrity, innovation is the two.

she think entrepreneurship is a long-term thing, like the street selling fake cheat, once succeeded on the line. Open shop these two are particularly important, customers recognize you, you have the possibility of survival. The flower is not a simple flower, flowers and clothing also, but also.

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