Hu Changsheng in the seventeenth session of the delegation to go to Dr. green service stressed that

12 14, 2009, the provincial Party Committee Organization Department held a group of doctors to go to the green group members of the forum, welcomed the 28 doctors to green service training. Provincial Standing Committee, organization minister Hu Changsheng attended and spoke.

Hu Changsheng pointed out that the national intelligence service group is accurate, aiming at the need of qualified personnel in the western region and implementation of poverty alleviation projects, after 16 years of exploration and improvement, has formed a mature mechanism to promote talent in remote areas difficult flexible flow, but also set a distinctive talent in oriented primary growth. The seventeenth batch of 28 members of the voluntary service group, to join the western region, the meritorious service training, selfless spirit and patriotism worthy of praise and applause.

Hu Changsheng stressed the need for intellectual support for the development of Qinghai, but also for scholars to display their talent to provide a broad stage. You have to be optimistic, "Qi", setting full of poetic experience attachment to life, constantly in service practice to temper growth; pour the truth with "climate", many grassroots poverty alleviation, do more practical good people; to implement force Exhibition "brilliant, docking service units in the actual development the local work force, spare no effort to display their talent; Yanzhuanshenjiao to poly" popular "initiative to undertake the task of training talents, the construction team, to take a number of" permanent "brand of excellent talents for the local. The service unit to respect the doctor, let go of it, enthusiastic care, good service, sum up experience, do a good job of publicity, and strive to perform their duties for the doctor, to display their talent to create good conditions.


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