How to run a dental clinic in the off-season

almost any business, will be affected by the weak season. Season, you can let the store to get hot operations. Once the off-season, if you can not take a certain business strategy, it is difficult to insist on going to the store. So, for the development of the store, but also need to take a certain operating principles in the off-season. So, when the oral clinic off-season how to operate?

(1) can be carried out and dental clinic hospital propaganda deeds spread by mass media, such as cooperation with TV founder of health education programs, to the newspaper to answer and analysis of major medical problems or common medical problems, through health or health education program and hospital health science propaganda department advantage characteristics. Is responsible to guide the public according to the different periods of social health concerns or the common phenomenon, which itself is a dynamic form of competition, grasp the focus to grasp the eye will grasp the patient’s expectations and to further understand the desire!

(2) dental clinic can be carried out with groups of community attention and influential public welfare activities for the government, retired cadres, outstanding teachers, outstanding staff, community enterprises and city or national labor model and free medical examination, above a certain age for the elderly or the elderly, orphans and other social assistance in long-term free consultation and the registration fee, for the annual outstanding student entrance free medical examination, organize workers donated relief, positive for the village hospital in the city of some town, District, to provide technical guidance and consultation service, regularly send experts to the factory, business and community health education, take practical action to create the hospital’s reputation. For the immediate development of hospital and continuously create a good external environment.

(3) dental clinics can improve medical quality and timely to create public awareness is the core of the competition, to promote technological progress that sustainable competitive strategy of enterprises, as the primary goal and the core competitiveness of the hospital to build. The design and research of the subject, the implementation of technological innovation, technology development has certain advantages in the region, the formation of medical, psychiatric characteristics.

(4) dental clinics can subdivide the market, community health management center of the formation of the masses, pay attention to the structure of the regional disease spectrum, in which the dominant needs and expectations of the trend of patient treatment and health care, the development of specialist advantages and characteristics of the treatment project. (such as "occupational disease rehabilitation center", "sub health rehabilitation center")

(5) dental clinic can use elastic price competition strategy to promote the patient benefit, let patients spend less optimistic about the disease, "or" spend the same amount of money, enjoy a more satisfactory service ", to reduce part of the inspection item charges, control the prescription and the inlet (joint venture) the amount of drug use such measures can make the hospital steady formation of all trust in the treatment of patients with experience, the reputation of the market effect of everyone.


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