Build a food safety integrity of the north of the city more than 760 food companies invite you to mo

In order to strengthen the food industry food safety awareness, build integrity of catering brand, to create a safe and comfortable consumption environment, promote the "food and drug safety credit system construction" activities, in April 9th, north of the city of Xining district held a catering service credit system construction mobilization meeting, 120 food and beverage business representatives, the more than 760 food and beverage enterprise public commitment: to address the problem, take social responsibility, and actively fulfill the primary responsibility for food safety obligations, and invited social supervisors and volunteers full supervision.

in the construction of credit system for food safety, the North District will be graded management of food safety supervision as the basis, adhere to the education and guidance combined, and disciplinary constraints stage governance and long-term mechanism combined with government guidance and social participation in the principle of combining, intensify supervision on the area of more than 760 food and beverage enterprises, combined with the monitoring, special rectification and integrity evaluation results, a comprehensive assessment of the integrity of the food enterprises. Top food and beverage service units, AAAA- credit excellent AAA- credit is better, AA- credit good, A- credit generally four levels, and promptly announced to the media and society.

praise trustworthiness, discipline dishonesty. In the construction of food safety credit system in Chengbei district to integrity unit issued credit management revoked medals, substandard food business license, and focus on the promotion of management is relatively good, the larger social impact, 40 catering service enterprises better. (author: Peng Sheng Sheng Dong)


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