Evening news opened the hotline service hotline

This continuous heating hotline opened for many years, by the public praise, to help people have a warm winter, this newspaper will be united again Xining gas limited liability company jointly launched the "warm evening to ask service hotline: 18697133058.

"our district of coal to gas project, this year can be completed?" "In order to store winter gas, how much can we buy at a time?" "How can we avoid buying gas peak?" "Our house area of more than 144 square meters, you can buy natural gas?"…… If in the winter heating, you have this or that the gas heating service question, please pay attention to the warm evening to ask service hotline". From now on, the evening will provide you such grief, from how to buy gas, domestic natural gas safety, home temperature standards, improve the comprehensive household gas service for you.

It is reported that

, Xining oil and gas limited liability company supply since May 2001 to the city of Xining, since, after ten years of development, construction and operation, the company has built the natural gas pipe network of more than 1000 kilometers, the city basically achieved full coverage of natural gas. Currently, a total of 840 households in Xining residential area, about 230 thousand users. As the user continues to increase, the company’s peak gas supply is also rising, according to the number of users, this winter, the peak daily air volume of more than 7 million cubic meters.


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